24 April 2009

My Banana Republic Tis of Thee...

Lousy Presidential candidate/decent guy, Sen. John McCain, said going on a "witch hunt" for people involved in the notorious legal memos regarding enhanced interrogation would turn us into a screwy Banana Republic. From Politico:

“Look, I didn't agree, as you said, with the techniques — and I'd be glad to continue that debate with people. But to criminalize their legal counsel, unless you can prove that they intentionally violated existing laws or ethics, then this is going to turn into a witch hunt,” he said.

McCain compared the potential prosecutions with the actions of “banana republics” that “prosecute people for actions they didn't agree with under previous administrations.”
I tend to take the Shep Smith position on the torture issue personally, but, like when maintenance gets "magically completed" between the hours of 0000-0200 on a Navy ship, sometimes it's best to not know how the CIA conducts business. What would the public have to gain by demanding the release of classified documentation during a time of war? MoveOn.Org's latest ad provides some insight into that question. Prosecuting Darth Cheney of course!

This along with the Obama's administration half-assed attempt at bank nationalization by not allowing TARP recipients to pay back the money, sending law enforcement after political enemies and veterans, and our skyrocketing debt certainly might put us in the running for Banana Republic status.

But we're not even a cool Banana Republic. There's no marching around the jungle with a machete in a tropical climate as part of Generalissimo's hit squad. There's no kickbacks from shady fat dudes in Hawaiian shirts laundering drug money. And there's no gaudy uniforms with big ass hats and made-up medals. All we get is lousy Oboner tributes from the sycophantic media about Obama's "house of rock" and shitty artwork of the El Presidente. This Banana Republic sucks.


LogicallyLocked said...

"There's no kickbacks from shady fat dudes in Hawaiian shirts laundering drug money. And there's no gaudy uniforms with big ass hats and made-up medals."

I dunno where you live, but this is pretty much my neighbor.

Ms. Kiyum said...

I LOVE Banana Republic. Oh wait, I didn't get past Banana Republic in the post.

Anonymous said...

Re: Shep Smith Position:

It's true. You don't want to know the shit I've trodden through to protect this nation, let alone the way I've gotten some info. It allowed you to sleep safer than you would have otherwise though, and it was accurate info.

I'm on vacation and found your blog.

Take care.

Lisa said...

Generalissimo O. is a fence rider, true. But don't confuse his ineffectual qualities with the necessity of our coming clean on our own rush to hysteria in the Phony War on Terror (PWOT).

"What would the public have to gain"? Right, we're just the dupes who pay and pay. Just shut up and drop your money in the box, thanks.

Banana republic, fer sure.

m said...

Fortunately, Obama's new BFFs in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicragua can coach the Leader through the finer points of creating a truly despoitic regime.

MAS1916 said...

At least the leader has his new BFFs from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba to coach him through the finer points of creating a truly despotic regime.

Lisa said...

m = MAS1916,

Obama inherited a nicely secretive despotic regime from the Bush times. Haven't you been reading the torture memo? I suggest it -- it's more entertaining than Hugo.

See what you think about your constitutional democracy then.

Venezuela/Cuba/Nicaragua are peanuts on the despot scale.

olgreydog7 said...

So 3,000 people weren't killed in the US in one terror attack? So, the opposition in Cuba/Venezuela/Nicaragua don't just disappear? Oh wait, the 3,000 was almost 8 years ago, so we can't talk about that anymore, so I guess we can't add in the bombings/hostages/hijackings in Beirut, Lebanon, Iran, ect. And, since those people in C/V/N aren't in the US and we don't know them, they don't really matter.

Lisa said...