20 November 2008

Thank You Readers: Results of the Political Compass Poll

Thank you all for taking the political compass quiz to gage the political associations of this blog's readership. The internet provides an interesting opportunity for people from various demographics to voice their opinion at very little cost and with very little effort. However, political blogging has become too polarized along party lines in many cases, thereby making it as dull and predictable as a press release from whatever party happens to be swarming cyberspace that day. Generally, I write from a pro-market, pro-military, anti-"modern liberal" point of view, often in a manner that some might deem a tad "offensive" if you aren't in agreement. This is for the purpose of soliciting comments and interest in the links provided in a provocative manner and it often spawns opposition, which is good. I also try to throw in some humor now and then so that people don't get bored with the place and that they keep coming back. I'm glad you're all so opinionated and I believe it keeps things interesting in a world with a questionable future where politics plays such an important part. You can be assertive about your views, razz people who don't agree with you, and it's all in fun and games. I've only had to kick off 1 commenter during my year-long blogging adventure because he threatened to beat up one of the other commenters. It goes to show that you can respectfully disagree without having to resort to absolute douchey "let's kiss and make up" type nonsense. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the visits.

Anyhoo, here's how everybody weighed in.

[Left-Libertarian Quadrant, 12 Total]: MezzoSF (-4.0/-0.7), Barrage (-6.3/-3.6), Sisu (-2.9/3.1), CathCatz (-5.0/-4.1), Jess Roxx (-6.0/5.7), ABWF (-2.0/-2.9), Gecko (-3.3/-3.0), Liz (-6.0/-5.4), Wek (-3.5/-4.3), Brandon Friedman (-4.8/-6.2), Arli (-4.1/-3.9), Ms. Kiyum(-3.0/-5.4), Logically Locked (-4.6/-4.3)

[Right-Libertarian Quadrant, 12 Total]: M (1.5/-2.4), LT Nixon's Mom (8.5/-4.5), SubRookie (3.8/-0.4), ibelieveinlifeafterlove (4.8,-2.7), A-Ro (0.5/-3.5), Amagi (4.3, -4.1), Randy K (4.5/-0.1), Blendy (0.6/-5.2), Mike (7.4/-4.5), Antoinette (0.3/-3.4), DaveC (1.6/-2.7), Me (3.1/-2.9)

[Right-Authoritarian Quadrant, 8 Total]: Kevin Gregory (4.3/0.5), Consul Clemens (5.8/3.9), Mike (5.3/2.0), OlGreyDog7 (0.0/1.4), 509th Bob (2.5/1.2), Caroline (1.8/2.6), Brandon (5.7/2.8), Desert Sailor (1.3, 2.1)

Obviously, everyone has a different opinion, but these are my own generalizations:

Left-Libertarians perceive corporations as untrustworthy actors in modern society for causing damage to the environment and seeking only to line their own pockets. They are much more interested in the power of everyday citizens to end poverty, promote social justice, and create a more peaceful civilization through mutual understanding. Being more libertarian, they are tolerant of other people's lifestyles and think that the government is trying to curtail their freedoms. Modern issues they more than likely support are a more fair healthcare system, ending the Iraq war because it was waged for the benefit of a small group of powerful people, and they are slightly disturbed that Prop 8 passed in CA even though Obama won the election. Famous Left-Libertarians include Gandhi and the Dalai Lama.

Right-Libertarians perceive corporations as beneficial to society because they aid the common good through efficient techniques that provide services/goods for the least amount of resources. They are interested in policies and abstract ideas that provide increased wealth, peace, and prosperity. In general, they view the government as a complicated, bureaucratic mess that promotes bad ideas because it can readily secure its power by curtailing people's natural rights. Being Libertarians, they are tolerant of others lifestyles, but realize that some people are just inherently more brilliant thinkers and doers than others. Modern issues they more than likely support are an end to the bailout madness, despair over the slow corrosion of our Bill of Rights, and they are very curious about how Obama will govern the nation during these hard times. Famous Right-Libertarians include Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand.

Right-Authoritarians perceive corporations as beneficial to society because they provide economic stability for our nation, and that leaving them, for the most part, unregulated is what's best for America. They are interested in law and order, national strength, and patriotism to provide a bulwark due to the moral/economic decay of other nations and more degenerate parts of our own country. In general, they view the government as a necessary evil that must do what it has to do to keep America from perishing. They are supportive of our current foreign policy, because they believe that 9/11 was so egregious, that we needed to act to prevent similar attacks. They can also be very interested in faith and believing that they are living their life correctly. Modern issues they are more than likely to support are succeeding in Iraq, keeping their taxes low, and they are deeply concerned by this newfound "Hope and Change" foolishness. Famous Right-Authoritarians include Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln.

Of course, if you want to be a dick, you can always say this:

Left-Libertarians are low-life hippies driving around in Volvos with 17 Obama bumper stickers for every square foot of aqua-blue metal. Supporting their terrorist friends through mass protests against our troops when they should be out getting a damn job. Living in trash-strewn urban hellholes so they can attend art shows where they burn wax Jesuses on stage...with federal funding! An endless tirade of sexual hedonism and "feel-good" slogans where they can wash away all their responsibilities by getting an abortion the next day at Planned Parenthood. Teaming up with union bosses and trial lawyers to steal money from decent Americans while they advocate cop-killers from being freed from prison. Famous Left-Libertarians include Charles Manson and Bill Ayers.

Right-Libertarians are the weirdos at the end of the block who own 20 assault rifles because they think the U.N. is stealing their mail from the local militia. Cooking up meth in rural areas of America so they can save enough money to get a ride on the Ron Paul blimp. A dangerous obsession with anime and science-fiction, these grown up nerds can usually be found cruising Hannah Montana websites to search for their sexual prey on a Saturday night because they have nothing better to do except for possibly ranting against the government. The fact that Lt. Nixon's Mom spawned a child with the same political leanings is a good argument for publicly funded contraception. Famous Right-Libertarians include Timothy McVeigh and Ed Gein.

Right-Authoritarians are the rich assholes who go to church every Sunday followed by taking their snotty little kids to the golf course in their massive SUVs that choke up the planet. They are criminals for who supported the Iraq War because they had all of their money invested in Hallibruton and their whale-killing yacht has big "Bush/Cheney" sticker. They only support because he torturing brown people and they all masturbate to Fox News. Famous Right-Authoritarians include Richard Nixon and Mr. Burns.

It's too easy to portray groups of people one way or another, and it's much more difficult to hear out every individual's opinion, but ultimately beneficial. The Political Compass Quiz provides some insight, but the modern era is almost so complex you might get yourself in trouble quickly making broad assumptions about anybody. However, huge polls like this can often show which way society is trending or what its baseline is. But enough rambling, here's a blinged out political compass quiz...for the memories.Political Compass Blingee
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