28 November 2007

Ben Shapiro - Chickenhawk Extraordinaire and Embarrassment to UCLA

VetVoice's editor, Brandon Friedman, is starting a hilarious and informative string of threads on chickenhawks. For those not in the know, chickenhawks are those folks who adamantly support war but have a zillion reasons not to sacrifice any of their important time to serve. A disclaimer on this is that I am not a left-wing anti-war veteran, but I will adamantly criticize anyone who demeans the US military (see my hippies section for slams against the left). While I may seem nasty for this smear attacks, I intend to bring to light the major problem of American disassociation from war, since war itself is being engaged with only a handful of the populous. This thread on Vetvoice was sparked by the viewing of this video "Generation Chickenhawk", which was filmed at a young Republicans convention this summer.

While I will not vociferously attack anyone who supports the war in Iraq but isn't in the military, I will attack pundits like Ben Shapiro who had the gall to title an Op-Ed piece on successes in Iraq "George W. Bush's Greatest Triumph?" What the hell is the matter with this guy. How can someone politicize the war so badly as to suggest the hard work of Iraqis and coalition partners is some bullet on a GOP campaign brochure. This article is a complete disservice to the folks that have fought and died over here. People in the military take an oath to defend "The Constitution" not "W". This highlights how the Iraq conflict is becoming less of an American conflict and more of a talking point for politicians.

And another thing, check out this guy's website, his awful blog (it's even shoddy by my standards!), and urbaniak's description of him. Apparently, he's one of these "values" conservative guys who thinks America is in bad shape because of the theory of evolution, porn, and sex before marriage. As an American, I have never been a big fan of people imposing "their" values on the rest of the unknowing population. Perhaps Ben wants to swing by Diyala province and see how Al-Qaeda imposes "their" values on people by chopping off their fingers for smoking and pouring acid on a woman's face for not covering her head. Oh wait, he can't come to Iraq, he's probably got some medical thing that prevents him from military service.

How the hell do you graduate from UCLA a virgin?