20 November 2007

Brazil - why pour salt on your wounds?

I caught something quick on Drudge Report about how Brazil has found some new oil fields offshore. I've never had the chance to go to Brazil, but it seems like there'd be a plethora of babes, Carnivale sounds like a total party, and the buffet at "Rio" in Vegas is top-notch so I'm guessing the food is good in the real Rio. I'm happy to hear countries finding oil besides Iran and Venezuela, since Chavez and Ahmadinejad seem to display this appaling, self-righteous hubris whenever they get to talking about oilbucks that makes one want to go into punchin' faces. But then I read that Brazil wants to take some of the revenue and invest in... a nuclear submarine! Brazil, I implore you to think of the consequences on your citizenry. I just spent 3 years on a boat and I am still going through a recovery period... in Iraq. So sure nuclear submarines might sound like a good idea, but don't neglect the hardships endured by the crew below. Me on my last deployment on the right, I was such a happy lad.


eyesontarget said...

LT, I understand that you have spent some time on the waterfront, but you should have the maturity to accept the fact that your experience may not accurately reflect those of every submariner. Not only that, but our nuclear submarine force is a vital bone in our nation's national security posture. I fully understand the sacrifice that the men of the submarine force make, but it is worth it when you integrate the intelligence gain, the force projection capabilities, and the nuclear strategic deterrence. I think that before you go on posting, knocking down one of the most prestigious pieces of our nation's military, you should take a deep breath, put on your big boy pants, and think about how important the submarine force really is.

LT Nixon said...


In no way did I mean to demean the submarine force. As a 3-year submariner, I understand it's strategic importance, and of course the history of the silent service from WWII and the cold war. However, as a junior officer, I feel it is my solemn duty to be a jackass once in awhile to uphold our JOPA reputation and keep our world a less serious place. I apologize for any offense. Thanks for the comment!

eyesontarget said...

LT, I know firsthand how important it is to bring some levity with you underway. Cynicism and sarcasm have gotten me through a number of grueling drill sets and midwatches. The point is, sometimes you just have to turn to, salute the flagpole, and do your f***ing job.