19 November 2007

Code Pink Goes Terrorism Chic?!?!

I always try to stay in the know of what the yahoos back stateside are getting worked up about. I just got done perusing the Zombie Time photos from the 27 October "anti-war" rally in SF and I see the Code Pinko types have gone from downright annoying to terrorist chic! The city of SF lets these clowns prance around but won't let the USMC film a commercial? Also, what better way to compliment the wardrobe of an aging hippie douche than a keffiyeh. Presumably, it's to show "solidarity" with the Palestinians, um, I guess, kind of, hard to determine. I perceive it more as a misguided message to sympathize with terrorists in an effort to undermine the war effort. Now I admit the keffiyeh has some legitimacy in Middle Eastern culture (see here), but you gotta wonder, if Martians invaded earth, would these turkeys be marching through the streets of SF with green antlers, styrofoam death rays, and cute signs that welcomed our invaders? These people first royally pissed me off when they made a ruckus during the GEN Petraeus and AMB Crocker testimony in September. They have no rational concept of what is ethically right or wrong, and seem to take part in any form of a public nuisance to criticize the Bush administration. Now I've got some respect for the Palestinians, since I hope it all works out for peace between them and the Israelis in the near future. I also have some respect for the Germans with their good beer, efficient engineering, and strong work ethic, but you don't see me walking around with shiny black Gestapo boots.

Code Pink vs. one of the Muj responsible for the London 7/7 attacks:

Do you see the resemblance?