21 November 2007

Great Progress in Iraq as Media Coverage Bottoms Out

Just saw this report for news coverage from 11-16 Nov, and apparently Iraq's not high on the list of anyone's priorities back stateside. Iraq policy is running neck and neck in coverage with the Baseball Steroids fiasco, and OJ Simpson's latest woes are whooping Iraq in the Cable News market. I could be optimistic and say that is due to the drop in violence, but there are still some very important issues coming up in the near future. One of the reasons I started this blog was to bring people back stateside a little better characterization, albeit from my own distorted opinions, of the war. So without further adieu, here's some upcoming items of interest in Iraq that will be pivotal to the future of the region and you should keep your eyes on:

1)Whether or not Turkey launches a cross border operation into the Kurdish north to strike the PKK before winter.
2) Upcoming diplomatic talks between US / Iraq / Iran, if they happen
3) Effectiveness of military operations targeting Al-Qaeda and other extremists in northern Iraq, south of Baghdad, and in Diwaniya (so far they've been quite succesful).
4) What's gonna happen to Chemical Ali?!?

Stay Tuned.

Like the Laserdisc and Macerena, Iraq seems to be losing interest with folks back home.