16 November 2007

Hey De Palma, You Suck!

Looks like the Hollywood Elite are out to conjure up stereotypes of the military as baby-killers and sex-crazed maniacs with their newest tripe "Redacted". Fat fuck Brian De Palma has had some good movies I admit: Carrie, Scarface, but his more recent ones have been absolutely heinous: Mission to Mars, Snake Eyes, and Black Dahlia. I'm not sure what point he's trying to make with the comment he made seen on Huffington Post "The film shows an aspect of our troops that has not been shown before", (check it out here but it is clear that he holds a deep rooted bias to the forces that allow him to jetset around the world and bone hot babes with cocaine sprinkled on their tits. I find it a little disheartening since I thought this embarrassing mentality would get filed away with some of the other shameful pasts of America such as Jim Crow laws and the prohibitionist movement. Rather, it seems the people that carry the torch of 60's ideological nonsense just can't seem to die off fast enough. The guys the De Palma seeks to demonize make very little money and have a very tough job. By making this movie it shows America's growing disrespect for guys and gals who do this sort of work. What the fuck have you done De Palma besides provide propaganda for the enemy (and yes I'm sure they will use it), you're an asshole! I realize that I haven't seen the movie, but c'mon I'm in Iraq. I'll make sure to pay 1-2 bucks for the bootleg when it makes it out here.