17 November 2007


Well I just submitted this blog to milblogging.com which seems like a pretty respectable website. I've always perused the Milblogospehere, but never knew about a one-stop shop that they have set up. I'm not really interested in posting stuff about my personal life. It involves me working most of the time capped off with sitting bored out of my knickers in a trailer. When not deployed my free time is spent drinking frequently and passing out on my friends' couches. Not very interesting stuff. A lot of Milblogs have pretty interesting personal experience posts and you can check them out on the links over to the right.

What I am interested, and hopefully you are too, is characterization of this war in Iraq as it relates to our civilization as a whole. I've been a little disturbed about the lack of interest/media coverage concerning what's going on over here. As a person whose uniform, food, computer, and all-around livelihood is funded by the US taxpayer, I am compelled to portray the big picture of what's going on over here in a truthful manner. You will notice my staunch political beliefs intertwined with the posts, and if you don't agree with them please speak up! Nothing wrong with a little public debate now and then to arrive at some sort of conclusion. Drop me a line if you'd like, until they open up those wild n' crazy dance clubs in Sadr City, I'm just hanging out in Baghdad with not much to do except work. Oh yeah, be like Rowdy Rowdy Piper and be on the lookout for the evil amongst us!

LT Nixon


Anonymous said...

yeah, doing everything over there as you would over here?
How is it that you are partying so close to combat areas? or is it really far between the two?
I would only assume the places you are enjoying, being large targets...