16 November 2007

More Pepperspray!

Apparently, there is a large group of troublemakers pouring cement on train tracks and blocking military shipments over here from Port Olympia. I first came across this story taking place in my adopted home state of WA on Michelle Malkin's blog. I think it's a huge embarrassment to the normally tolerant state of WA that a group would think it would be productive to halt much needed logistical supplies for us folks over here in Iraq. I've heard that they were blocking a shipment of Stryker vehicles apparently so that our hapless troopers can walk from point A to point B in Iraq dishing out hugs and Che T-shirts along the way. Not that I'm opposed to first amendment freedoms back stateside, but people need to realize that their actions get media attention over here making us look like a bunch of assholes. On the right is an Al-Jazeera screenshot from back in September, which doesn't exactly highlight our support to the Iraqi government and people. (Note: Al-Jazeera is the most watched station in the Middle East). But until people realize that their actions have unintended consequences over here, and while misguided protestors consider destruction of property viable, I suggest more pepperspray for the Olympia PD. Thanks for the hilarious photo Mike, maybe that'll be a grim lesson for this young lady in reality. Check out all the photos here.