05 December 2007

Abu Maysara gets Blowed Up

A Syrian named Abu Maysara operating with Al-Qaeda in Iraq got killed in an airstrike near Samarra on 29 November according to General Bergner during a press conference held in my neck of the woods yesterday. You can read about it on Long War Journal or watch the weapons-cam video here. From the AFP, General Bergner discusses:

US military spokesman Major General Kevin Bergner said Abu Maysara, a close aide of Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was among those killed. "He was one of the 40 Al-Qaeda leaders killed or captured in November," Bergner told reporters, breaking the figures down into nine militants killed and 31 captured.

The Egyptian AQI leader al-Masri remains at large, but qaeda is definitely getting exterminated like the virus that it is in Iraq. Apparently Al-Qaeda's media folks don't pay attention to the news, since they are still using this Baghdadi guy as a spokesman. Baghdadi was supposed to be the Iraqi voice that Al-Qaeda used to hide the fact that they were a bunch of foreign terrorists, but his lack of existence was made public in June by coalition forces. Blackfive mentions and General Bergner discusses here:

"The US military claims there is nobody called Baghdadi in the Islamic State of Iraq, and that it is merely an Internet-based organisation. "We have spoken before about this fictional character known as Baghdadi," said Bergner."

You gotta pay attention in this business Al-Qaeda, better luck next time you assholes.

Abu Maysara - Good Riddance