14 December 2007

Al-Jazeera English Rules, BBC/CNN Drools

Al-Jazeera English covers the important stuff

Al-Jazeera (the arabic one) has gotten a rap for being a mouthpiece for insurgent and anti-American propaganda (see Michelle Malkin post here), however Al-Jazeera English actually has some in-depth reporting on important international events. Cannoneer#4 over at Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group (a respectable blog IMHO) says so himself here. Yesterday, hundreds of tribal sheikhs (both Sunni and Shiite) attended a reconciliation meeting in Baghdad which was hosted by President Talabani. General Petraues also attended highlighting that this type of "grass-roots" reconciliation is key to solving Iraq's sectarian woes. Al-Jazeera English covered the event in Baghdad, presumably since events in Iraq may have some international significance (that goes without say). But I checked the other "respected" international news stations (CNN and BBC), and both of them had a bunch of lameass coverage on the Baseball Steroids scandal (see here and here). What the hell does a bunch overpaid, over-appreciated meatheads have to do with international news! So they used steroids, no shit, look at the size of those brain-dead neanderthals. I'm sick of these clowns sucking up air time and taking away from important events. The frustration that average GIs have over these "sports heroes" can be seen in this milblog (Iraq: The Purgatorium) post here. Sadly, this reporting on inane events is another way to pacify the world's population through the "bread and circuses" and distract us from what's really going on. Thanks Al-Jazeera English for covering something that is meaningful with journalistic credibility, BBC / CNN, you suck!

BBC covers the crap (zzzzzzzzzz...)


membrain said...

I just found your blog because you commented in the Suspects blog. Suspect is a unique writer. I've been following him since boot camp right through deployment and he just gets better and better. He has a seriously twisted sense of humour.

I like your blog. Thanks for everything you're doing.

LT Nixon said...


Thanks for reading this blog. I do it to provide my opinion of what's going on in Iraq and society. It's pretty strange at times, but it's issues I think need serious debate and discussion in contemporary society IMHO. Cheers!

Ben // 2dinar.com said...

I agree, ever since I caught Al Jazeera english on the TV in portugal, I've been impressed. I had written it off like other Americans, having been instructed to by my propagandish leadership and likewise domestic media streams. I saw some really objective coverage. Now, the question is, is that coverage as objective in Arabic- in the other market segment? Perhaps they've just got good at market targeting.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks Ben, I dig your blog. Al-Jazeera English and Al-Jazeera Arabic are vastly different, despite being owned by the same people in Qatar. AJE covers less nonsense and more of the important stuff.