11 December 2007

Another wannabe Trotskyite that "Supports the Troops"

Aww, gee whiz guys, does this mean we can't be friends?

Big H/T to 32nd Sig Bn over at VetVoice for bringing this to the attention of the vet/military community. There's this website called Political Fleshfeast that is sort of a no-holds barred, DailyKos-style forum on meth. It's actually pretty interesting since you get to see people's true opinions without any sort of customary blog manners or political correctness. I'm not here to talk about the website (LT Nixon's wholeheartedly supports free speech), but I'm here to speak ill of one poster, "Fairleft". Fairleft doesn't know a lot about us in the military, but likes to make some pretty ridiculous suggestions on what policy towards us should be in contemporary society. One diary entry entitled "Fuck Military Families and their Interests", rationalizes that we should say "Fuck the Military" because us military folks are actively part of a corporate imperialist enterprise to destroy the world. I'm guessing they read that from Noam Chomsky somewhere, and they're now an expert on all matters pertaining to the VA. Fairleft gives justification for the diary entry:

Joining and/or staying the US military is not the right thing right now, and even to a moron hasn't been for 3 or 4 years. Those who choose to stay in, often for money (they are not thrown on a trash heap when they exit, they're actually a helluva lot better off than many who don't join up), are doing the wrong thing. And they even know that consciously or at least on some level. Think about what they're doing for a living over in Iraq or Afghanistan. The reality of what you're doing, occupying with overwhelming deathpower peoples and nations against their will, kind of hits them right in the face.

Uh... I guess I'm a "corporate stormtrooper" occupying with "overwhelming deathpower". I'm guessing this has something to do with all the space-age "deathrays" and "lasers" we carry around on a regular basis in Iraq. Fairleft also has another post about an operation in Shiite militia stronghold, Sadr City, that discusses how the US "massacred" civilians. If civilians are charecterized as guys with AK-47s shooting at Apache helicopters during the middle of the night, I guess you're right Fairleft, touche! It's funny how Fairleft buys so quickly into the Shiite militia propaganda machine. I hope there is a diary on all the Sunnis that got massacred at the Ministry of Health by Shiite militias and turned up on the streets of Baghdad being "just a big accident".

Fairleft goes on to eloquently explain why the US slaughters civilians in our occupation.

That's a big part of the problem: the massive numbers of innocent civilian deaths is a result of exactly that gruesomely selfish feeling. What you're saying is that that feeling is shared and acted out by nearly all the occupying troops. So they're all criminals, and on some level -- seeing the bodies of the dead civilians they've killed to 'protect' their illegally occupying asses -- they know it.

Since Fairleft clearly has the psychological profile defined of every active-duty member in the United States Armed Forces, allow me to present my own analysis on his/her profile. Fairleft seems to be another rich kid, who came from the upper-middle class suburbs, listened to their draft-dodging college professors freshmen year, and suddenly was smarter than everyone else around. They read a couple "enlightening" books by Noam Chomsky and slapped a few "No blood for Oil!" buttons on the backpack that was purchased by their parents (which was probably made by a Capitali$t oppre$$or!) Now they continue to spew their venom on those that are constitutionally and morally obliged to protect them. Here's an idea, Fairleft, why don't you try thinking rationally for once instead of mindlessly attacking the people who carry out foreign policy but do not make it (i.e. the military). These types of people all grow out of this phase and get cushy jobs and go back to the suburbs. Of course they probably put "energy-efficient" lightbulbs in their monstrous homes to alleviate guilt surrounding ownership of their McMansion. I honestly don't think it's a big problem and this thinking is most likely the result of the stupidity of adolescence. But anyone who thinks like this, feel free to drop me a line so I can help you with your "education" that your capitalist pig parents spent so much imperialist money on.


jimbo said...

"Fairleft seems to be another rich kid, who came from the upper-middle class suburbs"

Yup, a trust fund ferret who'd get stomped in the trailer park or beaten to a bloody pulp "in da hood."
Probably considers working class rednecks like myself the Anti-Christ, yet is a "class warrior" & "fights against racism" despite having no contact with the peeps he is in "solidarity" with...

LT Nixon said...


I've seen a zillion kids like this and you're absolutely correct.

kraant said...

A bit of a late reply, since I only just noticed this post, but since you're already reading the place anyway, in the spirit of Reverse Raiding I'd like to invite you to post on PFF. (That is if you aren't already).

LT Nixon said...

Hello Kraant,

Thanks for stopping in. I have made a couple of posts on PFF, but I realized that the site was geared towards a bit too much confrontation for my taste. I think people have some interesting points, but it is best that I don't go start trouble, since being active duty in the military, it's inappropriate, as one commenter on PFF mentioned. I keep it on my reader because I always enjoy the insight though. I made this post quite some time ago, and if you find it offensive, I realize I'm in the military, public servant, blah blah, and I can take it down by your request. Thanks!

LT Nixon

Pinche_Boitano said...

Isn't that (kinda) what sock puppets are for, to enhance your anonymous internets experience? ;)

LT Nixon said...


Haha, no need for that. I'm nothing special. Just some schmoe with a whole bunch of opinions. My favorite all time sock-puppet was that guy at The New Republic who used a handle to say "That Guy at The New Republic is a great man". He got caught and recently wrote a book about how horrible the internet is, pretty funny. Good catch on the "Reverse Raid", I'm honored to be the first victim.

Anonymous said...


Just being friendly.