28 December 2007

Are You Tired of Politics?

I sure as hell am. Subliminal crosses, wide stances in the bathroom stall, and Ron Paul cars just to name a few. Iowa still hasn't happened yet and there's already talk of voter burnout. This probably has to do with all the ridiculous media and blogosphere attention to campaign shenanigans. Fortunately, Kent Fletcher is a former Marine Corps officer and Iraq war vet who's heading to Iowa to generate attention on the important issue of our time: The Long War. With the recent Bhutto assasination, Taliban still operating in Afghanistan, and an uncertain future in Iraq, it is now more important than ever to be concerned about foreign policy and defense issues. Here's an article about Kent which indicates that the military is disappointed with Bush's handling of the Long War (I'm inclined to agree with them) and you can visit his profile on Vetvoice to get the scoop. It's time to act responsible as a nation and put the stupid, petty distractions of this important election aside.

Give 'em Hell, Kent, uh I mean sir


Bag Blog said...

You know, I'm not really tired of politics. I just wish the polititians would get serious and let us know what they really think rather than all of the fighting. By the way, I think policies on Iraq and Afghanistan are my number one concern.

Jason said...

I agree. I'm not so much sick of politics as much as I am sick of BS, only say you think we want to hear politics.

LT Nixon said...


You are correct, politics is important, but BS permeates everything and distracts the public mind.