04 December 2007

Iranian Nukes

So apparently Iran doesn't have any nukes according to a new intelligent assessment released to the press. This is great news in my opinion. Now serious diplomatic pressure can be placed on Iran to knock off its destructive influence in Lebanon and Iraq. The prospect of war with Iran has been taken down another notch. But a lot of questions have been raised and it was only announced yesterday. Check out this VetVoice thread here where some folks have questioned why Bush was talking about "World War 3" last month. Or you can go to PJs media where Mr. Ledeen says the intelligence assessment was politically motivated. This is going to be controversial issue, so stay tuned.


IrritatedVet said...


Excellent blog!

Keep up the great work!

Wonderful analysis of the day's/week's events as well as your observation on the ground.


LT Nixon said...


Thanks. Always a pleasure.