20 December 2007

Levity: The Lighter Side of Contracting in a War Zone

Tired of hearing about contractor criminality in Iraq? What with the 16 September Nisoor Square massacre under investigation and now this KBR rape case, maybe you should consider the other side. A contractor's wife tells the soft side of her hubby.

So here I am. Alone for 4 to six months in a stretch. I usually have daily phone calls, sometimes just a quick "I love you" and sometimes those long sweetheart conversations where you forget to talk and just listen to each other breathe. Email is constant (Did you pay the water bill? What is this $50 check? Please send me new socks.) Packages are sent often and arrive in less than two weeks.
How do I do it? I do it with love.

Uhhh.... I'm not gonna comment on this. I'll leave that to y'all.


Bag Blog said...

Lt Nixon goes mushy on us:)

I know those conversations. Although my man is not a contractor, he does work for Halliburton and has been on a travel rotation for the last six months. I get up early or stay up late (depending on the time difference) to chat with him daily.

Kiyum said...

If this woman really knew her place, he wouldn't have to ask for socks or make sure she paid the bills on time. And why is she writing $50 checks without his prior approval? Maybe instead of handling the money, she should be knitting some socks.