11 December 2007

Ron Paul Back with the Libertarian Party?

Apparently, Ron Paul has been invited to run on the Libertarian Party ticket if he doesn't win the Republican primary (H/T to LT Nixon's Mom who attended the convention in SC). I asked if they get to keep the blimp in the event that he doesn't run as the GOP candidate, but my moms has still not gotten word back to her smartass son. Despite the tomfoolery of his supporters, I agree with most of Dr. Paul's domestic policies, however I just can't support his policy on Iraq of complete, hasty withdrawal. Of course a lot could change with Iraq between now and November, so who knows. But looking at the major parties, it is probably gonna be another bible-thumpin', war-mongerin' evangelical and comrade Hillary. My vote would probably be going to the doctor. I've realized that life is about compromises and no longer am I an ideological youngster. And, man, the GOP and Dem presidential candidates just totally suck, and I'll have to look for a viable third party candidate. I still need more insight to make a decision as I'm sure a lot of us do. But I promised myself I would vote this election, last one I was so disgusted I didn't even bother.


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the resolution on the LP website http://www.lp.org/media/article_545.shtml

LT Nixon said...

Thanks Mom! One modest request from your son, please avoid using my real name in this blog to avoid making trouble with the authorities.

LT Nixon

Kiyum said...

I'll admit, I'm unfamiliar with this Ron Paul blimp campaign. But is this the source of the mysterious blimp I saw floating above the skies of Norfolk last weekend? Elizabeth City is so close, but I don't see any reference to Norfolk on the site. It just got me pondering the overall creepiness of blimps is all. Also, I'd vote for Ron Paul if he promised to go ahead and abolish the postal service on day one of his Presidency, but I'm bitter that way.

LT Nixon said...

Ms Kiyum,

Glad to see you here! You may have missed the blimp because it was out in outerspace battling intergalactic enemies of freedom. That or I saw something on Fox about Ron Paul's people not having the banner ready. Their moms didn't give them a ride to the hobby shop, uh, I guess.

Kiyum said...

Mr. Kiyum and I were at first under the impression that our fine adopted city was under attack from flying zeppelins, which led to a conversation about the Hindenburg and a bad joke wherein I suggested a more appropriate name for Led Zeppelin would be Iron Oxide Zeppelin. After an exhaustive online search of the local newspaper, I believe I have solved the case of the mysterious dirigibles that were taking over the skies last weekend.


Mr. Kiyum and I were in disagreement over how many there actually were, thus reinforcing my point about the overall creepiness of blimps. How could there only be one yet that one be everywhere all at once? I believe that link will also shed light on the mystery of why the Ron Paul rEVOLution was unable to get their airship off the ground in Elizabeth City. Unless what you saw on Fox News was also a part of the conspiracy to marginalize Ron Paul, which I'm sure will all be unconvered with a YouTube video posthaste. I would investigate further, but I'm too busy trading in my dollars for ameros.

LT Nixon said...

Mr&Ms Kiyum,

Yikes, Blackwater takes to the skies in a Hindenbergesque blimp! I'd invest in some body armor.