21 December 2007

Why Getting it On for Peace is a Stupid Idea

While I admit that there are a lot of good reasons to be against not just the Iraq War, but war in general, this "Global Orgasm for Peace" website is not presenting a very strong argument. Some aging hippie douches out of, where else, Northern California are sponsoring a worldwide event where people all orgasm at the same time on 22 Dec to channel "good vibes" into the earth's atmosphere. This is supposed to bring about peace on earth, and I have no idea why. Sounds like a lot "Age of Aquarius", froofy crap if you ask me. I was thinking the dismantling of Al-Qaeda and radical jihad groups would foster a new world peace, but what do I know. The website is called "Global Orgasm" and it's here (H/T to Dave). Their rationale is justified on their website.

Practice visualizing the planet experiencing the afterglow of your Big Oh and ignoring the Govern-Men as they try to drum up support for their next invasion.

Absolute stupidity. Is this what the anti-war crowd has come up with. I'm in no way trying to diminish people's opinions on matters as complex as Iraq, but if you are against the Iraq war, these 60's throwbacks are not helping your cause.

They then go on this weird eugenics rant about why people shouldn't have kids.

"Every cute baby is another consumer. Let’s make children even more valued by making fewer of them, before the pressures of overpopulation drive our children to kill each other. "

???? How orgasms, war, and fascist "Brave New World"-style population control intertwine into a cohesive thought, I have no clue. They must have some pretty good drugs out where these people are from.

The mental image of old hippies doin' it, just what I wanted for xmas!


Bag Blog said...

I used to live in Taos, NM, which has more than its share of aged hippies who have extremely odd value systems. I guess they all watched "Easy Rider" and decided Taos was the place to be - most came from California. Living there made me embarrassed to be a gringa. So we sold our place to a Californian for a ridiculous amount of money and moved to OK.

And thanks for the link.