12 December 2007

Why I Badmouth Chickenhawks and Congrats to PVT Albarran

I've been getting some flak from some conservative bloggers over poking fun at "chickenhawks". It's understandable, since childish name-calling can be a form of limiting free speech in the blogosphere. I asked one of the smarter dudes in the office and he said the term has been around since the Spanish-American war defined as "those who support foolhardily going into war, but never taking up arms themself". Most of my rants are aligned with conservative-libertarian indoctrination, and I'm in no position to alienate anyone, so allow me to explain myself.

Case 1: Remember back in the day, when Rosie O' Donnell wanted to outlaw gun ownership, but had a bunch of private armed bodyguards. Wouldn't it follow that she was clearly guilty of hypocrisy.

Case 2: Mr. environmental peace prize, friend of the planet, Al Gore who lives in some mansion sucking up the earth's resources. Doesn't that tick you off as you ride the bus to work like a schmuck?

Case 3: All the celebrity blog babble on Huffington Post (note: HuffPost does have SOME good stuff) that tells Americans how to live their life, despite their own wallowing in materialism and hedonistic excess.

Case 4: Jonah Goldberg (H/T to Operation Yellow Elephant!), who is holding a symposium called "Give War a Chance" at a college in Massachusetts, talking all about military strategy despite never having served in the military himself. His flagrant douchiness was exposed when he asked for "more security" since the campus Republicans got some nasty emails from "anti-war leftists". Am I incorrect in my logic?

Times are getting tougher, there's no end in sight yet for both the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our military is getting stretched horribly thin. That's why I was a little disappointed to see this Jesus' General video showing the extended Bush family (all of military age) not contributing constructively to a crisis facing America. As a nation, we need to walk the walk and get with the program. PVT Albarran, whose husband was WIA in Iraq, recently completed Basic, why can't some of these other people join up?


Anonymous said...

PVT Albarran probably needed the money and health care for her family and wounded husband. So like many economically disadvantaged people with few choices and a baby to support, she wound up in the military. Not saying it's a bad thing. Just an observation about many of the people I know who joined the military.

LT Nixon said...


It is true that many people join the military and remain in the military for the steady pay and healthcare benefits (which aren't bad). However, regardless of her economic situation, I don't think that should take away from her astounding courage and self-sacrifice, which are clearly lacking in many of our "elite" youth. THanks for the post!

Bag Blog said...

Having never played professional or college football, I rarely give out my opinion on the playing of the game. I just cheer. I hate it when someone tries to be an armchair quarterback or coach and they have never played the sport. Same for the military. It is not for everyone, and anyone who has never served should just shut the heck up or cheer.

LT Nixon said...

Bag Blog,

I think it's important to understand the issues and the reasons for war. In a democracy it is necessary to elect people who have a good foreign policy agenda (the military is simply a function of foreign policy). I don't criticize everyone as chickenhawk for not being in the military, simply those who rush into war without understanding implications and consequences.

Bag Blog said...

Lt Nixon, I see your point. So is a chickenhawk also someone who wants to rush out of war without understanding the implications and consequences?

LT Nixon said...

Bag Blog,

I would classify those people as ill-informed. Thanks!

jimbo said...

Then there's the chicken dove, not to be confused with the pacifist. Chicken doves tend to have the attitude of "Military BAD, Soldiers MEAN". They will plug their ears when you explain that they, as citizens have an obligation to have a clue about the role of the military & hold the politicos accountable in how it is used.

LT Nixon said...


Haven't heard Chickendove, but I have heard Chickengreens (Not In My Back Yard environmentalist types). Will have to add chickendove to my usual blogspeak. Thanks