25 January 2008

Levity: Al-Arabiya Needs to Work on their Marketing

Al-Arabiya is a Saudi-owned sattelite TV station operating out of Dubai. It's in Arabic, but some of their reports they release in English for us displaced Westerners. It's pretty moderate compared to Al-Jazeera and has a lot of stories about the Sahwa members in Iraq putting the boot up Qaeda's ass, so that's always good. But this new promo they are running is downright bizarre. I couldn't watch the thing since our bandwidth has been in the shits, but the Fox News website had a quick blurb on their website talking about how a guy who gets chicken in a cafe relates to the polar ice caps melting relates to refugees on an island relates to terrorism. It's like playing 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon combining the proverbial "Butterfly flapping it's wings in Taiwan" analogy, uh I guess. Independent Arabic TV is relatively new and still developing marketing techniques, so we'll have to be patient and provide a little helpful feedback in the meantime.

If only the man hadn't ordered chicken, car bombs would never happen!