22 January 2008

Oh FOX News, Have You No Shame?

As a disclaimer, I do think Brit Hume is a pretty stand-up guy, but FOX News is just stroking it's own ego as evidenced by this capture:

The Sacred Heart University bills itself as "The second-largest Catholic university in New England, SHU provides men and women with a comprehensive, hands-on education rooted in the liberal arts and Catholic intellectual tradition" making it an excellent cross-section of American public opinion. However, if this is true representation of American sentiment can that explain why interest in the Iraq war is so low? Below is a recent press conference ridiculed by funny man Jay Leno:
Just a thought. Thanks to Z-man for sending these to me.


Bag Blog said...

"Most Trusted" is not exactly what I would say about any of those news media. I'm not sure how to put it into words - "most likely to watch to get some sort of world news knowing that it will most likely be partially or totally untrue".

Wek said...

It appears they left out the "trust no one" option or "in Lieutenant Nixon we trust".

Anonymous said...

As background, the SHU poll is conducted by a conservative university, managed by a conservative administration. This may be the first time any one of their results has received coverage in national media. An 800-respondent sample is also bordering on too small to be statistically significant.

LT Nixon said...


Glad to see you cruise by! "In LT Nixon we trust" was tried with a board of Young Republicans and went over like a lead balloon!

Bag Blog,

Nice to see a healthy distrust in the media. Not a hard thing to do these days.

Wek said...

LOL! Yeah, I bet it went over like a lead balloon. Young Republicans (and Democrats for-that-matter) only wish to hear what strengthens their arguments and you have that 'terrible problem' of reporting what you see with candor.