31 January 2008

You Can Launch a Nuke, but You Can't Drink a Beer

In my time in the Navy, I have met people under 21 who have been entrusted by the US Government to distinguish friend from crazed insurgent in Iraq, to fire on said insurgent, to maintain a nuclear reactor from turning into a big gooey mess, and to push the button that launches the ICBM nukes. However, the minute these people step into a bar after that long deployment for a cold one, the federal government says the barkeep has to toss them out in the street with the rest of the trash. This logic in the mindset of our policy makers has always confused me. Fortunately, a lone statesman from SC is making a stand to allow military members under 21 drink responsibly (H/T to OYE):

A state lawmaker wants to give members of the armed forces younger than 21 the right to buy alcohol even though it’s in stark contrast to the military’s efforts to diminish underage drinking and related accidents. “I really don’t think it should create a problem for the military. It might even enhance their morale,” Rep. Fletcher Smith said Wednesday.

Kudos to you Mr. Smith! It's about time the administration saw through the muddled rationale that was preventing our younger troops from the right to enjoy a beer now and then. Of course, Mr. Smith will most likely be met with opposition from a barrage of the values police, aka the Morale Suppression Squadron: The nice ladies over at MADD, the tolerant folks over at the Values Advocacy Council, and the modern women over at the Women's Christian Temperance Union. They'll most likely unleash a PR campaign that will equate the good folks at Budweiser to Satan himself. Well for whatever it's worth, this blog supports your position Mr. Smith. A true friend to the military!


Bag Blog said...

Why stop with just the military? Why not do away with the age limit on drinking all together? Maybe they could make a law where under 18 could not buy liquor, but could drink it with adult supervision. I have always felt parents should teach their children to drink responsibly just like they teach their children responsibility in other areas of life. It should be a parental decision. You realize this could lead to one of my rants.

LT Nixon said...

Bag Blog,

Totally agree. The feds will probably cut funding to roads if the state tries to lower the drinking age. It's a case where the Federal Government is sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.