27 February 2008

Iraq News (27 Feb)

The Good: The massive Arba'een pilgrimage is ongoing in Karbala to honor Imam Hussein, and so far so good in reports from the holy city, despite some atrocities on the pilgrimage route. Coalition forces and Iraqi security forces are working hard to make sure that violence is kept to a minimum for the millions of travelers. General Casey, Army Chief of Staff, may announce reduction in combat deployments from 15-month to 12-month tours. While the Army will remain overburdened, this is certainly a welcome change.

The Bad: Violence in northern Iraq as a suicide bomber kills 8 by detonating his suicide vest on a bus near Tal Afar. Tal Afar is west of Mosul in Ninawa province, which is the only province that has not seen a decline in violence similar to the other 17 provinces after the Surge was implemented. One of the British contractors that was kidnapped last May at the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad by a group of thugs has gotten air time on Al-Arabiya. Note to Al-Arabiya, you're not helping with the release of the hostages and only making things worse.

The Ugly: The Iraqi government in Baghdad tells Turkish forces to get the hell out of our country as diplomatic uneasiness progresses concurrent with this questionable operation against the PKK. Also, Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeline Albright says the reputation of the US sucks on international TV.

Madeline not helpin' with furthering diplomatic relations for the US, nice broach BTW


Anonymous said...

That's the news, what's the weather??
Big help there Madeline, what is she thinking????

Dayngr said...

Thanks for all you do and thanks for being a brave blogger!

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LT Nixon said...


I simply provide the news. I leave the analysis to you sir/ma'am.


Thank you for your support. Come back often.

LT Nixon said...

Ms. K has found the Albright's broach appear on the TV screen 5 years ago. It's deja vu all over again.

StarCMC said...

How appropriate to put Ms. Half-bright under "The Ugly." (Yeah - ok - that was mean!) If you haven't seen it, check out the video of Neil Cavuto taking her on She's about as anti-victory as they come. It remains to be seen whether or not all her negative analysis will sell her books.

Anonymous said...

Do madeline and hillary share the same makeup artist?

LT Nixon said...


Thanks for the tip. I didn't want to chastise Ms. Albright for her looks lest I be accused of being a sexist creep again as noted in previous comments. However, as a female, you clearly have the right to do so. Next up on the chopping block of Clinton-era hotties will be Janet Reno.