09 February 2008

Jericho Runs Afoul of Blackwater

These guys are lookin' familiar...

I'm no big fan of TV ever since the Simpsons started suckin' back in 1998, but I picked up the first season of "Jericho" when I was back in the states. I had never heard of it before, but I looked on the back and the description of the series reminded me of the Steve Guttenberg (of Police Academy Fame) classic "The Day After". Both take place in Kansas and both consider the ups and downs of small town life after the apocalypse. I actually thought the series was pretty damn good! Call me old fashioned, but the post-apocalypse genre is classic American media. This is despite the fact that the protagonist is more to draw the female audience. I was hoping for more of a Booger from "Revenge of the Nerds" type character, but in this day of television, you'll take what you can get.

Anyhoo, one thing that I thought was pretty funny is that there's a group of Private Security Contractors that go apeshit and shoot up a hospital in one of the episodes. The company is called "Ravenwood" in the show, which I guess is some Hollywood political potshot at Blackwater. It's cool though, they come to try and take over the town, but the nice folks of Jericho scare them off (reminds me to buy more weapons when I get back to the states). It's nice to know that I'm living in a place that can generate a pop culture reference, the Green Zone. Reminds me of my days in LA.

Just like when we took on the Blackwater guys for control of the ping-pong table at the chow hall


Bag Blog said...

At least Blackwater took the heat off Halliburton.

Buy more guns. Find a job in TX, OK, etc where we appreciate our military. Wait, you may be a little too liberal for us :)

LT Nixon said...

Well I could always live in Austin. I'd probably fit in there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jericho review, and more importantly thanks for the service to the country.

A Jericho Fan

Bag Blog said...

Austin is good. I have lots of liberal ties there including my hippie, liberal, lawyer brother who works in entertaiment law and can get free tickets to any music venue you want to attend. And another "brother" who is ex-military gone liberal in the finance business giving loans to college students. Yeah, I some skeletons in the closet.

Amanda said...

Lt., First I would like to say THANK YOU with all my heart for your sacrific for our country.
You are prayed for and loved very much.
Next I'd like to say that I am so glad that you found JERICHO. It will give you a bit of relaxation and enjoyment.
In the states, 7 brand new episodes start on Tues. Feb.12th 10 EST. I heard there WILL be a DVD for this season as well. We have a writer's strike going on here so I don't know if there will be any more episodes this season.
IF the ratings get better, I'm sure that CBS will renew the show.
Anything you guys need over there, just let us know.
We JERICHO RANGERS are very generous and LOVE to help our servicemen.

gage said...

Hey there, Desert Swabby. Are you a 28 Days Later fan? Have you seen the sequel? Oh, and I Am Legion is good too. Post-apocalyptic genre.

PS -- we may be sending you a few of the Romney boys soon. Make sure they get a good orientation, will ya?
Stay safe, LT.

LT Nixon said...


Thanks for dropping in! Yeah, Jericho was a pretty good show, I'll be waiting for season 2 to come out. Season 1 kind of left with a cliffhanger to say the least, but overall I thought it was a pretty decent series that one could enjoy.


Yes I saw 28 Weeks later shortly before I came out this way and I saw I am Legend on R&R. Both were pretty good.