15 February 2008

New Interview is Up

If you ever get tired of hearing me being surly and cynical about everything under the sun, you can read an interview I did with Dave M over at The Thunder Run on all things related to Iraq. I tried my best to be serious and on good behavior. Cheers, and thanks to Dave!


Brown said...

Quick question:

Did you pull your screen name from Lt Nixon in "Band of Brothers?"

LT Nixon said...


Yes I did! You're the second person to get that correct (the first being Irritated Vet). I thought his morose and cynical attitude aptly reflected my own. A great series. I must admit I've never read the book, but I hear it is pretty interesting as well.

Brown said...

Thought so. Loved the series; loved LT Nixon--even to the point of trying to find out a little bit about him (not much success).

"Nothing but the best for mama Nixon's little boy."

Eric Dondero said...

Hey lt, I'd like to get you on my Blog Talk Radio show "Libertarian Politics Live." It airs every Friday night 7:00 pm cst. www.blogtalkradio.com/libertarian

Discuss Pro-War on Al Qaeda/Free Market view. And the latest in Presidential politics, of course.

Contact me! So we can set it up.

LT Nixon said...


haha, glad you like that series. I watched many years ago when I was just commissioned and totally clueless and it had a profound impact.

Mr. Dondero,

Thanks for the offer. I sent you an email separately. I'm a little murky on Iraq, but I'm definitely pro-extermination of Al-Qaeda.