08 February 2008

Sadr Ceasefire, The shame of Kentucky, Mitt's Done

The Shame of Kentucky: No I'm not talking about the sinful but delicious whiskey they produce, I'm talking about the Governor's office giving a slap in the face to a called-up reservist (h/t to Operation Yellow Elephant).

Gov. Steve Beshear's administration might have violated state and federal laws by firing a governor's office staffer who had just returned to Kentucky in December from three months of U.S. Air National Guard training.

Booo!! It's not just the issue of legality, but rather it highlights a disturbing trend of our nation's double standard of encouraging people to heed the call to service, but treating them like ass when they come back. Eventually, unless I want to blog from my mother's basement the rest of my life, I'll have to get a lousy entry-level job somewhere once I'm no longer active duty. I plan on lying and saying I spent 10 years as an undergraduate "finding myself" to avoid the inevitable questions about my military service like "When do you go back to Iraq" and "Hey whackjob, when are you going to go Timothy McVeigh on this place".

On the Rhino with Acute Politics: He's somewhere in the IZ after coming via the Rhino (the armored bus) from BIAP. As always, I extend an open invitation to any blogger out this way (near-beers are on me!), but that might involve seeing my pathetic existence in the flesh.

Open Sewer at the Sniper: If you ever thought it was somehow justifiable to threaten a woman in the blogosphere with punching her in the face (including extensive use of the C-bomb), well, you might just get a long with this class act belittled by one of the funniest damn blogs out there. Sniper has got the scoop (check comments).

That Other War: Rock Richard has got some education on Afghanistan for those not in the know. I'm going to go bone up on it after this post.

Mitt's Out: Wonkette will fill you in.

Sadr Ceasefire Extended: Reuters has the details on this big story you're probably not going to hear much about. That's good news since it won't distract security forces from fighting the necessary battle up in Mosul against jihadis and other fanatics. A smart move on Sadr's part, even though the guy's a nut.

Pissed-off, young Shi'ite thugs of the Mahdi Army to maintain ceasefire (that's good!)


Jason said...

I don't think you should discount drunk blogging from your mom's basement as a potential career. Sounds ideal to me!

Wek said...

The toughest aspect of basement blogging is the bed sores your ass develops.

"Hey Mom, throw down another bag of Cheetos!"

LT Nixon said...

Booze and cheetos are sounding pretty good right now. Maybe I could become some enormous shut-in gastropod, while still keeping on the up and up with the world.

Good suggestions! In 2009, I'll have that freedom to make that choice.