01 March 2008

Aging Hippie Douche of the Weekend Pic

From Zombie, by way of Little Green Footballs. I never understood why the far left would sympathize with a group of terrorist thugs like Hezbollah (Reason explains). Perhaps they were upset with Imad Mugniyah being assassinated, or perhaps they ally with whatever interest, no matter how nefarious, in their conquest to lambaste the American capitali$t--zionist regime. I don't understand this irrational thought process. Are they supporters of AIDS, since it kills Americans? I hope that these people are a small faction of a generation on it's way to geezerdom, but I fear these types of people have always been around and will always be around to make a mockery of themselves. I wonder if in the 14th century there were aging drug-addled hipsters wearing berets with signs about the Bubonic Plague destroying imperialist knight crusaders...we can only speculate.


Anonymous said...

You didn't say he was in the great and wonderful place of idiocy Berkeley. What an ass -- no, no, not you, him. (It's early for me here.)

And ONCE AGAIN -- he is allowed to sit outside the Marine recruiting office with that sign? Well, someone else -- bec. I know the Marines would be too polite -- needs to have a sign saying You Are An Asshole. Why not? If he can express his nasty opinion and is free to do so, why not someone else??

LT Nixon said...


True, we must conduct ourselves appropriately while in uniform. However, the same rules do not apply to the anonymity of the blogosphere =). This guy's an ass, I concur.

Katana said...

a fighter for peace glorying in someone's death... nah, that never happens at berkeley.

LT Nixon said...


I'm sure there was some mind-altering substances involved in the gentleman's decision to make that sign. I wish he would share! I thought that's what commies were all about.

Kyle said...

I honestly can't believe that there are so many people in our country that have such a warped view of things. I don't know how an American could celebrate the outright murder of 240 Marines by a well-known terrorist organization.

LT Nixon said...


Must be something in the water out in Berkeley.