09 March 2008

Finally, a Reason to Live

Just got a mailer from JP over at Milblogging.com, and the Blog World Expo '08 is going to be in Vegas on September 20-21. I'm hoping to check it out, since it's a good way to yak it up with fellow nerds and I'll be back from Iraq by then. At the very least, I can piss away a bunch of money at the craps table to score free drinks. Best of all, Milblogging.com is hosting some panels that should be pretty interesting. Hopefully, I'll finally get to meet some friendly faces, but otherwise I can just stand in the corner with sunglasses on inside talking about the coming apocalypse. This is a long way off, so more to follow.

I hope to finally meet Tron Guy!

Update: Mr. Maynard, aka Tron Guy, an internet celebrity held in high esteem by yours truly, has swung by this modest blog and thanked me for serving our country (see comments below)...and by extension all US forces in Iraq. Thanks, Mr. Maynard, you're a friend of the military. Let's try to convince him to come to Blog World Expo, since it's up in the air for him as of this point.


Jay Maynard said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but, as far as I know, I'm not going to be there...but my schedule is so variable that it's not outside the realm of possibility, either.

LT Nixon said...

Thanks for the update, Mr. Maynard. I appreciate a man of your fame swining by this humble little blog! Perhaps I could throw in the promise of a few free drinks to sweeten the deal on you swinging by Blog Expo. Cheers!

BostonMaggie said...

**"Best of all, Milblogging.com is hosting some panels that should be pretty interesting."**


Best of all you get to meet me.

SK said...

I came by from JP's place to say that I look forward to meeting you at the conf, Lt. Nixon. Then low and behold! I see that I get to visit with my very favorite person from Boston too :) I can't wait!!


Jay Maynard said...

Well, if I find myself looking for something to do in late September, I'll certainly add it to my list...

BTW, I didn't realize that was you on the TSA blog. I deal with those idiots every week, and think it's as ludicrous that they give extra screening to active duty military as you do. Unfortunately, they're not going to get out of the mindset of security theater.

Also, it doesn't get said enough: Thanks for your service.

LT Nixon said...


Excellent, obviously nothing is certain yet, but I do hope to attend and look forward to meeting you folks.

Mr. Maynard,

You're welcome, sir. And I hope to meet you some day.

Ky Woman said...

Finally a chance to put faces to the voices from inside my head....Remove the masks, so to speak.

Alex said...

Do you get to speak at the panel? I imagined you with a blue dot held up by a popsicle stick to cover your face.

LT Nixon said...

KY Woman,

Excellent, it should be a good time.


I was contemplating wearing a teen-wolf mask to hide my identity.