29 March 2008

Iraq News (29 March)

The Good: US air assets and ground forces have rolled into Sadr City to take care of business. Washington Post has a pretty good article on the offensive here. Lots of enemy KIA. As folks wiser than me say, some people can't be reconciled and just have to get blowed up. Stay safe guys. Thanks for watching out for us. The militia-sympathizers in the mainstream media might cite some "civilians" killed from "medical sources", but keep in mind that those sources are Mahdi Army infested and are generally bullshit. Civilians that shoot AK-47s and RPGs at US forces lose their "civilian" status very quickly.

The Bad: Details in Basrah remain sketchy, but apparently things aren't going very well. PM Maliki launched this operation on his cognizance and Bush has hailed it as a "defining moment". I'm still remaining skeptical of that sort of optimism.

The Ugly: Don't know who the Badr Corps or SIIC (Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council) is? Well check out this piece by a gentleman from the CFR, very insightful. Shi'ite politics and power struggles in Iraq are complex, but now it is more important to understand than ever. The Egyptian perspective is here as well.


God Bless America! said...

QUESTION; Why are we allowing that Sador to live? They should take him out and us Americans are getting pissed off that he;s allowed to live and lead and demand.

Someone tell someone over there to blow the hell out of that place.

LT Nixon said...

God Bless America!,

Um, Sadr has popular support among working-class Shi'ites in Iraq and simply offing the guy may cause a lot of problems.

God Bless America! said...


Point taken but, we were originally going after Sadr weren't we? We from my recollection wanted him to surrender?

Now, this maggot Sadr goes to Iran for protection and comes back with this bull ceasefire for the past 6-8 months.

Look, he's a predator waiting to strike at the first sign of something not meeting "HIS" expectations. Cut off the snakes head and we will handle the rest of the slithering body. If we keep putting it off, we will only have there events such as has happened the past week rear it's turban head.

I understand it's 100% better for us to have the Iraq Military or Police forces handle this, but common, one precision strike and it's all over.

On another topic, Iran. Here's a quick and simple way to fix that place. We always know when the Iran President and the Sup[ream Terrorist Ayatollah and the mullahs are gathered in one place giving a speech. One precision guided right at that stage and we solve our problems once and for all. I'm NOT concerned with the so called "Arab Street", as who really gives a rats about these people. We need to send a clear message and let's start with a combo strike on Sadr and Iran and let the pieces fall as they may. Really, can it get much worse. No matter what we do the people will rise up (ooh I'm scared) and they will go back to normal after a few hours and let Democracy play.

No, I;m NOT a military person BUT, I support 100% what they do for me to express my points freely as my Dad did in WWII.

Thanks for hearing my point of view, and quite frankly, many. many Americans point of view also.