17 March 2008

Operation Un-Ass Iraq

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of "We Didn't Start the Fire". Well the Piano Man should change the tune to "We Didn't Fuck Up Iraq" when referring to these guys. But they're keeping their head down trying to make things better in the Sandbox with the resources they have. The phrase "Support the Troops" takes on a whole new meaning when "the Troops" are doing night patrols to prevent a 120mm mortar from landing on my unsuspecting noggin' while I'm sleeping. Read about them in Newsweek or at Small Wars Journal. Too bad other people their age think the price of their first "dream" home is more important. (H/T to Irritated Vet for the accurate phraseology of "Un-Ass"!)


Tin Ma'am said...

While moving into a more comfortable house than the one I'm in now (a little shack in the middle of no where on a dirt road with no garage, no capabilities for cable internet, tv or phone and is the size of a small apartment... Yeah, it serves for now) is very high on my list of concerns I think I'll stifle my discomfort and self-interest for the sake of a soldier's life.

I think my generation sucks.

I'm concerned about paying off my student loans, medical bills/house/car/gas etc too. But financial discomfort is a small price to pay in a time of war.

Just saying.
/end rant

Anonymous said...

I think the correct flashy red headline on that Newsweek cover would be "Betrayed Generation". One of the things that really makes the Iraq and Vietnam stupidities similar, imo, is the tendency to blame folks like me, who hate Bushco, for not "supporting the troops".

As long as they have to be there, I want them to do their best to stay alive and whole. But, I want them to do that within a framework of decency, honesty and integrity. That's damned difficult for the troops at the spear point when the fuckheads in charge lack all of those qualities.


LT Nixon said...

Tin Ma'am,

I agree with you.


I understand your frustration towards Bush, and I don't accuse people who don't support Bush as not supporting the troops.