02 March 2008

Red Eye: Friend to the Military

Many celebrities are self-righteous, pompous, horrible people. Examples include writing horrendously uninformed commentary at the Huffington Post, wearing little ribbons of solidarity with those "poor" terrorists at Gitmo, or being talented enough to win "Best Actress" while still being dumb enough to think 9/11 and even the moon landing was an imperialist farce. Greg Gutfeld is able to expose all this elitist bullshit with posts mocking limousine liberals without all that neo-con smarminess. Modern politics has become so ridiculous in its grand-standing that no one can get off their high horse and see the forest for the trees. Lucky for me, I get to watch Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld once in awhile out in Iraq (one of my few pleasures) and it seeks to expose all the nonsense involved with our current political malaise. The Gregalogues are quick, hilarious, and insightful. There's a fan site that's pretty decent with other folks like me who don't take themselves so seriously that it would prevent good times. Red Eye also frequently hosts notable intelligent babe Kerry Howley, who is an editor at Reason and was once subjected to an interview from a very strange man. Once in a blue moon, I'll send an email to someone famous just to see what kind of response I get (remember that the IZ is boring), and he was the first to write me back. So thanks, Greg, you're LT Nixon's Friend to the Military for the day.
Greg discussing shenanigans at the Oscars with his Mum


Fluffy McNutter said...

Is this the blog with the hole in the back?

LT Nixon said...


Afraid I'm not following ya?!?

Unicorn Jones said...

Sorry, just an old running gag of Gutfeld's on Red Eye, he hasn't done it for a while. Hard to explain.

Anonymous said...

I *love* the segments he does with his mom.

LT Nixon said...

Unicorn Jones,

Roger, I haven't heard that one. Maybe I'll try to catch the quip on Youtube or something. ABWF, yeah Greg's Mom is pretty damn funny.

LT Nixon said...

Unicorn Jones,

I saw a drawing of you on Red Eye today. You were looking pretty emaciated and skinny! Do they not feed you?

BostonMaggie said...

Dr. Lt. Nixon,

I was just surfing the web, having fun, drinking my morning tea.

Then I came here. I had no idea what those stupid orange ribbons meant. Not that I watched the Oscars, but I saw some pics.

Now I am "mental mad" as we used to say in grade school.

Thanks for ruining my morning.

LT Nixon said...

Sorry, Boston Maggie. I usually post these in the evening, so I wasn't thinking about ruining mornings. Thanks for dropping in though.