02 March 2008

Smokin' with Al-Qaeda

The worldwide health gestapo is at it again, this time in New Zealand (H/T Reason). They have used the symbolism of 9/11 in the above ad to invoke the guilt of associating a personal choice to the most horrific terrorist act of the 21st century. I am so sick of these people. It's not bad enough that smokes have been taxed to all holy hell, now being a smoker makes you a goddamn AK-47 totin' jihadist. While the ad may be a lame attempt to state that smoking deaths caused more deaths than 9/11, the imagery speaks for itself. In their self-righteousness to encourage conformity to their ideals of what a good citizen should be, they fail to understand the irony of "laws" imposed by terrorists in regions they operate. Real Clear Politics explains the true link between smoking and terrorism:

Sheikh Abdul Sattar al Rishawi, founder of the Anbar Salvation Council, gave similar reasons for his change of allegiance. When al Qaida ran Baquba, it would amputate the two fingers used to hold a cigarette of any Iraqi caught smoking. Men who refused to grow beards were beaten, as were women for the "sexually suggestive" behavior of carrying tomatoes and cucumbers in the same bag, Mr. Yon said. He recounted finding the bodies of beheaded children.

So the people that commited the 9/11 attacks are probably big on stopping others from smoking too. Congratulations, health nuts, you just made a bunch of asses out of yourself. I'll keep my stash of Kools, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Way too tacky ad. Way, way too tacky.

Sergeant Grumpy said...

Arrrggghhhh. Disgusting, I'd beat those clowns to a pulp if I could get my hands on them.

Sisu said...

That's just....wow. What a group of waterheads to come up with that imagery and then feel it was an effective tool for smoking cessation. Part of my job as a nurse is to encourage people to stop smoking (relax, LT...highhorse in stable, soapbox being converted into scooter as we speak) and this little gem almost makes me want to light up in pure defiance and disgust. Yeesh.

LT Nixon said...

Very tacky indeed. SGT I share your sentiments. Sisu, I understand that smoking is bad, coughing up phlegm probably isn't from the french toast I had at breakfast, but it is a personal choice, and I think the connection to terrorism is pretty far-fetched.

Sisu said...

I agree. Sorry if that didn't come through...

FbL said...

Wow. Smoking grosses me out on a personal level--if you want to, go for it; I'll be somewhere else. ;)

But like sisu, this ad is almost enough to make me want to light up, just to be defiant in the face of such idiocy.

threadbndr said...

ACK! I hate to leave a 'ditto' post, but WTF was that ad agency THINKING?

I don't smoke, I'm sorry the Marine!Goth started and I hope he keeps his promise to quit once he's done with this enlistment. (He's promised both the KTtheFutureDIL and me that he will, but we'll see!)

But that AD! Almost makes me want to ship him a carton or two of Marlboros in protest.

Kat said...

LT. I linked but didn't comment earlier. I do smoke.

On the anniversary of 9/11 in 2007, I had heard that AQ was cutting off fingers and killing people for smoking from a variety of sources including Michael Yon, though he noted they were stories from Iraqis he interviewed.

On that day, I video taped myself wearing my "Infidel" t-shirt and "lit up" for all those who suffered at the hands of Islamist terrorists. Because, as I noted, I'm still free and I can.

The ad almost made me smoke a pack in defiance.

LT Nixon said...


I respect your distrust of smokers, we are a manipulative and fidgety bunch.


Haha, that's hardcore, do you have a link to that? Pretty good stuff.