25 March 2008

A Tale of Three Americas

My first two deployments were spent out at sea and tucked away under the ocean. Free time was spent watching a crappy assortment of TV shows such as Jem and the Holograms, Magnum PI, and The OC. I also worked a lot on my Jesus needlepoint. Anyways, due to the cold-war era style of communications on a submarine, we rarely knew what was going on in the outside world. I think there was a war with Lebanon and Israel back in the summer of '06, but I can't recall. Anyhoo, this deployment has been significantly different and I have had access to news worldwide and all with a sober mind. Unfortunately, I'm exposed to nonsense like Bush hanging out with Mr. Easter Bunny (h/t Wonkette):

Meanwhile, I'm hitting the deck to dodge incoming like an asshole on Easter Sunday. But, I'm not going to turn this blog into a pogue bitchfest. I bet I had it a lot better than this poor fella below (ABC):

Illustrates what the priorities are in our current society. Sad indeed.


Anonymous said...


It's Jem, not Gem. Come on.

LT Nixon said...


My bust, will correct.

Ms. Kiyum said...

You did not just call Magnum, P.I. a shitty program. I'm furious, LT. Just furious.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Kiyum- he's just jealous of Tom Selleck...especially the 'stache and his way with the ladies.

Anonymous said...

lt nixon: what do you want? do you think all males 18 and over should have gone down to the recruiting station 9/12/01? Your so disappointed in your generation. I have a couple of nephews about your age, they are really fine people. who would be allowed to express their opinion about this war? Such harsh words from you for those that you don't agree with. Why all the name calling. I have been reading your blog for only a short time, I have seen your comments on other blogs. Maybe you have already addressed these questions. Are you as angry as you seem or do you just like to "stir the pot". What would you have all of us citizens do? I vote, I read those that are pro-war and those that are not, I read blogs, I support Soldiers Angels, but I did not give up the egg hunt. Am I supposed to put my life on hold till they all come home? 100 years is a long time and I only have about 20 good years left. Well I'll keep reading, especially since I have learned a few things, Thank You and I wish you well....Liz

Anonymous said...

Oh, Liz, THANK YOU!! Glad to see I'm not the only one who is a regular reader -- notice I didn't say loyal, bec. he irritates me too often -- who will give him crap for complaining.

No, I don't think you should have given up the Easter egg hunt at all. I've gotten my feelings stepped on before, bec. I feel like I'm doing what I can to support and he still complains and complains about people don't care. And my argument with that was/is the people he's pissing off are us, the people that do care and no matter how much we do, we get TOLD we're not doing enough.

And shame on you, sir, for putting that picture up of the egg hunt, which is for the kids -- I don't care who is President -- and then the picture of the soldier by the car. That was just for shock value. And a cheap shot at the Pres.

LT Nixon said...

Ms. Kiyum/ABWF,

Apologies, didn't mean to diss the moustached-man with hot pants and a Ferrari. But I thought Higgins was cooler.


The easter egg hunt is an egregious misuse of taxpayer dollars. Wouldn't you agree? In a time of a recession, it'd be nice to see the commander in chief set a better example. I wouldn't take too much offense to anything I write. Am I bitter? Absolutely. The wall between active duty military and the civilian populous must be broken down to comprehend reality. When did I say you weren't doing enough or criticize you? This was criticism of opulence at the white house. I'm not sure where you are getting where I'm criticizing readers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to just smack you sometimes. It's tradition at the White House, it's not something Bush did, and it would be stupid to say, Oh, let's save this money, when we spend it on everything else. At least this is to be a happy event for children. It has nothing to do with him. He is only continuing a tradition and being a host.

You know I've said this to you before. I (and I can't speak for anybody else) read your blog because you stay so current with what's happening. But, LT, you do SEEM to be so unhappy (you told me you were just cynical) about the soldiers/war/people at home don't care round and round circle.

So that's why I was so glad to see Liz speak up, bec. no, you've never said to me, Kath, you're bad. You just bitch nonstop about nobody cares, and you're over there and how hard it is on and on. WE DO SO CARE. WE DON'T WANT YOU THERE. PLEASE COME HOME. ok?

But there's a war on and you signed up -- you, on your own, no draft, no arm-twisting, no penalty -- so what did you think you were going to be doing??? Parking cars?
Ok, I'll stop. But, geez, I could smack you sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Lt Nixon- Thanks for clearing up the confusion about your taste in men. I don't think I'll be able to forget that you prefer Higgins. Was it the accent or the fencing clothes? It couldn't be the facial hair, his wasn't anywhere near as good as Magnum's.

Kath- I could just smack you too.

Bag Blog said...

My reaction was similar to Kath and Liz. The Easter Bunny at the White House seems silly, but it is a tradition. We are not going to stop the holidays just because there is a war. Wouldn't that be giving in to the terrorists?

On the other hand, lt. nixon makes me laugh most of the time and he is very "newsy" and I learn much, but I do take him with a grain of salt. I assume his smart-a$$ views are his way of letting off steam. Sometimes I want to punch him (like when he gets whiney over the Easter Bunny) or a little too far left for me, but sometimes I want to bring him home to supper.

Anonymous said...

ABWF, please don't smack me!!! I'm just a little person, so my smacking him -- I'm guessing he wouldn't even notice, so you don't have to protect him too much!!

And, Bag Blog, yes, I know I've gotten aggravated with the LT before and he told me not to. It's just one of my fav. subjects to snark at him about.

But what I said is true, too, he does keep current with what's going on and his blog is not just a bunch of junk from other people.

So, there I'm saying nice things about him -- TO HIM!!

LT Nixon said...

Haha, you guys are hilarious. Kath you can smack me around anytime.

gage said...

abwf, LT Nix's "taste in men"?

You have "taste in men", LT?

Long nights on that submarine, weren't they? LOL

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just want to smack him, but most times I want to sit down and have coffee. No I don't think the egg hunt was a misuse of tax dollars. It's tradition and for the kids. OK, so how do you break down that wall between Military and Civilian? I do feel that a lot of people are unable to or unwilling to differentiate between the soldier and what his/her gov't tells him/her to do. Some people seem to think that soldiers have a choice. I voted against going to Iraq, voted to go to Afghanistan, but I will always support the soldier whether he/she is in a war I "approve" of or not....Liz