20 March 2008

Troublemakers Converge Across America

The high-falutin' protest tactics of today's modern dissenters

Time to take a break from talking about Iraq, and one thing that I find incredibly disturbing is the latest shenanigans from the past week of protests back stateside. Freedom of Speech is essential to a democracy. For centuries, much of society has understood that criticism of the state's policies is crucial to ensuring that the state govern it's citizens in the best way possible. One way of voicing this dissent is protesting, which was largely effective in overcoming civil rights injustices in the 1960s. However, I fear that rational personalities and cooler heads have taken their criticism to places like blogs and newspaper Op-Eds, while the streets are left with the utter dregs of society who only seek to wreak mayhem. Observations on media and blog coverage of these child-like antics confirm my suspicions. Enough is enough. These jackasses need to be humiliated for the buffoons that they are (note: This Ain't Hell and The Sniper have similar analysis and were actually there).

Lookin' good, Grandma!

The protests seem to be a mishmash of aging hippie douches vying for that last bit of media coverage on "peace and love" in their twilight years, along with young ruffians who are seeking to start trouble (probably due to a lack of receiving adequate attention from their parents).

That'll show us military folk! (h/t Wonkette)

The outer-space leftists have given up hope of convincing the Democrats in congress to end the war in Iraq, and are now resorting to acts of vandalism against military recruiting centers to direct their frustration. Above is a photo of some hooligans who spilled red paint on the sidewalk, purportedly to symbolize the blood of Iraqis that the coalition forces are sworn to protect. I don't understand this logic. Why not protest against the terrorists that are causing the violence and despair in Iraq. I guess that wouldn't fit in with their pre-conceived notions of the boogeyman in uniform. Frank Chu below from the Bay Area protest is making the most sense to me right about now.

Frank Chu highlights the most coherent and logical protest message of the week (H/T Zombie)

Portrait of Adam Kokesh making a mockery of himself (H/T Ms. Robin)

Damn! I have warned IVAW about being exploited by these opportunistic Marxist organizations during these mass protests. Have they now convinced Iraq vets to hoist an upside down American flag! What the fuck, Kokesh? This symbolism is not about dissent against the US government, it's about disrespecting America. I understand that many members of IVAW saw unspeakable atrocities during their time in Iraq (see Winter Soldier II coverage). That's why I'm here to help you voice your opinion in a way that does not denigrate American society as a whole. Shoot me an email. Seriously.

Yeah, smash the imperialist Real Estate Shopper news stand, fuckin' hardcore, dude

Typical teenage angst bullshit. I love how it's so terrible to live in the most wealthiest, most free country in the world. Say hi to your Mom when she picks you up after the protest in her capitalist-oppressor mini-van.

Argh, I caught this on Al-Jazeera English! Many Arabs don't understand that a few jokers do not speak for an entire nation. These peace geezers are making us moderate Americans look like jackasses on international satellite TV. What can you do?


Anonymous said...

And, see, you complain all the time about "your generation" -- what about these annoying oldies? Not old enough to be real blue hairs, but old enough to have been around for the Vietnam protests.

They waited to have kids, bec. they were selfishly "experiencing life" (i.e. smokin' weed) and now they're grandma age with teenage kids.

And, yes, they're trying to recapture their youth!! CAN'T BE DONE!! But, yes, that's what most of them look like. They're IDIOTS.
All they did yest. in D.C. was fuck up the traffic and annoy normal people who actually have jobs and were trying to go to work and go about their daily business.

Although, go ahead and protest in front of the IRS, bec. most people are afraid to do that -- but like that bunch pays taxes? Puh-leeze!

Yeah, these people irritate me greatly. They wasted more Gov. money trying to get their faces on the news and irritated cops that could have been doing good some place else.
I can't find ENOUGH bad things to say about every one of them. If they want to come to D.C. to protest, f-ing move here and be here all the time and see what you can accomplish. Otherwise, stay the hell home, you're a pain.

Anonymous said...

AND -- as far as Mr. Adam, if you look at that pic. what do you see? A whole bunch of people taking his picture while he's waving an upside-down flag. He just looks like an ass. Why should I listen to him about anything?
And I saw where "they" (someone) attacked another recruiting office and more red paint. Idiots.

madtom said...

I think the Anti-war people have really hurt their cause with this weekend rallies. I mean if anyone thought that there really was a grass roots movement to stop the war before this stupid rally, they don't believe that any more. I bet that is I were to start a "W is loosing the war, or made too many stupid mistakes" I could get millions out on the streets, not the few hundred misfits that came out for this all important 5th year anniversary demonstration.

Anonymous said...

I don't think these people hurt the anti-Iraq war cause any more than pro-life protesters hurt the pro-life cause with their various shenanigans or insert-your-own-example.

People on the fringe are mocked and derided in posts and comment sections like this, and then we all move on.

Does anyone even ever think of these people unless they're pulling some dumbassery?

So that's speaking to whatever movement you're into.

Now individual groups? I do think it can do some damage. Groups like IVAW should do all they can to distance themselves from the hippy brigade.

Not that people aren't going to try to discredit IVAW anyway, but why make it so easy?

I remember watching a video of Paul Rieckhoff blast Kelly Dougherty of IVAW for holding a protest near a military base.

He talked about how it was disrespectful, ect, but also how it was just plain STUPID.

These groups should shell out a few bucks for a PR person.

Anonymous said...

Hippies Smell

Anonymous said...

Elvis Kokesh.

Corporal Elvis Kokesh.

Corporal Elvis "Don't Come Back Said The Corps" Kokesh.

But the peace chick dig him.

Not bad for a polo pony riding preppie, heir to an international armaments empire screw up.

Mezzo SF said...

AH yes, Frank Chu. I live in SF and he shows up at EVERYTHING here in the city. And he always carries the 12 Galaxies sign with him. He even has his own SF nightclub named afterhim in the Mission district of SF.
Yesterday, in what could be considered an either incredibly stupid or somewhat brave act, I sported my Soldiers' Angels outerwear during the day in downtown SF.
Have enjoyed reading your blog, LT Nixon...thanks for your sharing.

LT Nixon said...

Thank you everybody, all very insightful comments. MadTom, I agree this tomfoolery doesn't make anyone look good.

Mezzo SF,

Thank you for the insider info into the Bay Area scene. I like Mr. Chu's style!

Bag Blog said...

Old hippies are bad enough, but if you watched the Berkley protests a month or so ago, you will take note that the younger generation was vicious and nasty having learned the art of protest from their parents, but not the "love and peace" part.