04 March 2008

Tuesdaze Bloggin' Roundup of Iraq (4 Mar)

Here's my shameless way to build Technorati credibility. Enjoy the stuff on Iraq that dinosaur media fears:

Here's my homework for VetVoice:


Anonymous said...

Well, just because I can ever so easily say snarky things to you, I wondered about this Chickenhawk blog, thought maybe them and I (them and me, me and them?? which is it) might have something in common.

But holy fucking wonder, other than the fucking tendency to fucking include the F word in every other fucking phrase, yeah, don't fucking see it.
Good morning!!

LT Nixon said...

The Chickenhawk Watch blog is run by a gentleman who has been known to threaten women in the blogosphere with violence (a charge he later denied). Yes he is prone to nasty language.