11 April 2008

Heinous Times with the Petraeus/Crocker Assessment

I never understood why war critics get so upset with the Petraeus/Crocker assessments. I understand that there is much frustration with the war back on the homefront, but the way they characterize the two highly trusted public servants to prop up the rhetoric is silly. Granted, they didn't run that "General Betray Us" crap this time around, but it still seems like they're trying to plug the messenger. Shit, I know a lot of people are pissed off about the Iraq war, but why go after the public servants? It's like flipping the mailman the bird when the price of a stamp for postage to your rotten stoner kid at college goes up. He's not setting the postage rate, and Petraeus and Crocker aren't setting policy. Sure, the Bushies like to hide behind Petraeus, because his credibility is a bit better than theirs, but can't lefties see through this neo-con ruse? Democracy Arsenal ran a post called "Evan Bayh Slaps Crocker", Time has a piece called "Petraeus Meets his Match" when talking about Sen. Obama...uh, what? This isn't WWF, and it's certainly not Burma or Pakistan under Musharraf, since the military is subservient to the civilian leadership. Then the LA Times runs an article about excessive "martial bling" on Petraeus (thanks Blackfive), who are these people? Anyways, military and foreign policy in Iraq is set by the democratically elected leadership of this country, and we just follow orders with our sloppy uniforms and "excessive bling". So I bid you, dear reader, with a parting quote from the most excellent 1987 film classic "They Live" and it goes "You figure out your master plan, you let me know!"


Curmudgeon said...

Mr. DeBord is "a writer in Los Angeles."

I looked up his biography, all I've found so far is that he's a wine writer.

Obviously all the qualification needed to write opinion material on wars for the Los Angeles Times.


Bag Blog said...

And Congress knows that the oilmen don't set the prices of oil, but they still dragged those guys before them and chewed on them for a while. Grandstanding.

Perosnally, I like bling.

Thus Spake Ortner said...

careful LT, you are coming very close to coming over to our (the Dark) side....

LT Nixon said...


Bah! I think a lot of this politicization has to do with the Prez hiding behind Petraeus as CINC. Of course I do want to see a stable Iraq for Iraqis, albeit in an expeditious manner.