05 April 2008

McHenry's "Two-Bit Security Guard" Remark

There has recently been some justifiable outrage in the blogosphere over Rep. McHenry (R-NC) calling one of the sentries inside the Green Zone a "two-bit security guard" during a CODEL visit. ThinkProgress, Agitprop, and Hot Air all initially postulated that he was referring to a US soldier, but later corrected themselves. In the spirit of the blogosphere being a self-regulating entity, the "two-bit" security guard in question was not a US soldier, but rather a Peruvian sentry hired by the private security contractor, Triple Canopy. McHenry's frustration in the fact that he couldn't get to the gym does not consider that security in the Green Zone is no fuckin' joke. US Embassies have been targeted by terrorists in the past, and Iraq clearly has an elevated terrorist threat. Therefore, one can surmise that security is going to be taken a little more seriously than a NASCAR event in McHenry's home state. I for one am grateful for the Peruvian contractors as they only make about $1,000/month and I have seen nothing but a high standard of professionalism. The LA Times had a story about them a few months back if you're interested. So regardless of the fact that it wasn't a US soldier McHenry was talking about, he's still a jackass for saying this.
Triple Canopy: Keeping me off Al-Jazeera for close to 10 months!


Anonymous said...

What a butt-head. The fact that he's in a very "hostile environment" and there are guards everywhere -- yes, feel uncomfortable about being asked to show credentials, but, come on -- "I want to see your supervisor." Puh-leeze.
But how nice that Mr. McHenry chose to grace you with his presence so he can see how you're doing.
One can only hope that later he will apologize?????

LT Nixon said...

Is this attitude typical of smarmy political types? I'm guessing...yes.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to hear that the contractor didn't back down when confronted by the obnoxious windbag.

Ms. Kiyum said...

NASCAR attendees bring their own security. McHenry probably had a pocket knife on him and felt he didn't need the extra security.

David M said...

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