08 April 2008

Much More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

Miss KJ over at Cabin Fever has "tagged" me in the blogosphere. Usually, I'm quite reluctant to discuss details about myself, because they are mediocre, embarrassing, and irrelevant. However, she is very nice, has a BF in Iraq, and I'm happy to oblige. So here it goes:
5 things I was doing ten years ago:
1) Planning exodus to Los Angeles
2) Wondering why everyone in high school sucked so bad
3) Thinking I was smarter than everyone else
4) Subsequently, realizing I was not smarter than anyone else
5) Learning to shut the fuck up and listen
5 things on my to-do list today:
1) Get yelled at by boss for not doing powerpoint in correct font and theme
2) Have people ask me if I have lost my mind, not gotten enough sleep, or a combination of both
3) Show lazy and questionable leadership by sending orders via emails to subordinates instead of turning around at desk and talking to them
4) Reading the book "Memories of Running" (it's pretty good!)
5) Updating countdown on when I get the fuck out of this place
5 snacks I enjoy:
1) Schlitz Malt Liquor
2) Menthol Cigarettes
3) Coffee without all the bullshit
4) 99 Bananas (it's liquor and extra high on the gay factor too! a sure way to meet chicks)
5) Knuckle Sandwiches
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1) Make political activist movie about why Al Gore is an inconvenient asshole
2) Give away money to charity, still live in lousy 1-bedroom apartment
3) Host my own Olympics in lieu of Beijing, except this one will have gambling and hookers without beating the shit out of peaceful Tibetan protestors
4) Pay off part of my deal with the devil
5) Build a totally badass deathray
5 bad habits:
1) Not smoking enough
2) Disgusting women on a routine basis
3) Having to wear a uniform with my name on it everyday like some gas station attendant
4) Not having enough private conservations with the voices in my head
5) Realizing on a daily basis the crushing burden of existence
5 places I've lived:
1) Hawaii (I didn't like it)
2) Washington State (Good times and shitty weather, just my style)
3) Los Angeles (in it's own world)
4) Charleston, SC (The south scares me, sorry)
5) Saratoga Springs, NY (more bars and horseys than you can shake a stick at)
5 jobs I've had:
1) Bag Boy at Grocery Store
2) Shop Rat at Automotive Factory
3) Lab Rat at UCLA Research Cell
4) Admin Junior Officer Weenie on Submarine
5) Staff Weenie in Iraq (I'm proud of my accomplishments, can you tell!)

Potrait of myself during Lambda Lambda Lambda days


Kiyum said...

Since you ignored me when I "tagged" you, I'll accept this as a response to my tag. Also, the South loves you.

themorethingschange... said...

5 Things I Learned about the LT:

1. he has a love/hate relationship with the navy

2. he has yet to master power point presentations

3. he has a streak of altruism
4. he has a streak of hedonism
5. he made a monstrous deal with the devil

;) ~P~

lela said...

Oh, what you can learn about people by asking stupid questions.

Lisa said...

You're not pretentious--surely one point in your favor!

Anonymous said...

The fondness for 99 bananas made me think of this post from Murphy Was a Grunt.

Nicki said...

LT, you're a dork! ;-)

But here's another TAG for ya!

Wek said...

Schlitz, menthols and coffee? LT I think you need to add breath mints to snacks you enjoy.

LT Nixon said...


Sorry I'm not nutso about getting tagged. It too much resembles work.


Yeah, stupid questions can teach you a lot about people. Thanks for not calling me pretentious. Maybe I should wear a sash everywhere I go and declare myself president for life.

Bag Blog said...

We already knew all of that. We want to peek behind the mask.