13 April 2008

My Retaliation Against those ex-Army Hooligans

A few days back, TSO (former Army and OEF combat vet) over at The Sniper thought it would be hilarious to send out a zinger at the Navy for all the blogworld to see. I do appreciate his image of the Village People to point out that out of all the branches, the Navy is the most "festive". As my collection of Broadway show tunes and wine magazines speaks for itself, I probably shouldn't attempt to deny this. However, at least I'm not as knuckleheaded as the United States Army. Despite the President and SECDEF calling for more troops into Afghanistan, the Army can't seem to figure out what to do with the 2,500 Marines, sent to put the whoopass on the Taliban, who have been stuck on the airbase in Kandahar for weeks. From the Baltimore Sun:

For Marines, who are accustomed to landing in a war zone and immediately going into action with their own plans, the holdup has been frustrating. Frequent changes among command leaders and unclear lines of authority have made it difficult for the Marines to win general approval for the timing, goals and extent of proposed operations.Marine operations planning, which is routinely completed in hours or days, has gone on for weeks while they await agreement and approval from above. "They invite us here ... and they don't know how to use us?" said Lt. Col. Anthony Henderson, commander of the 1st Battalion, 6th Marines. "We are trying to keep our frustration in check ... but we have to wait for the elephants to stop dancing," Henderson said, referring to the brass-heavy international command.

Way to maximize operational capacity. I'm guessing that the Army hasn't figured out how to give the Marines their "heat stress" course, has run out of reflective belts to issue, or some other "check-in-the-box" type task that is absolutely "crucial" during war time. Well at least the Marines can soak up the luxuries of livin' on the FOB.

Thank God I'm only in the Army for about 2 more months


Kyle said...

They should have just let those 2,500 Marines just do their thing. I guarantee there would be a lot less Taliban rat-bastards running around if that were the case...

LT Nixon said...

Herschel Smith at The Captain's Journal has good and much more thoughtful synopsis of this. I just ran the article to joke around with those hucksters at The Sniper

Thus Spake Ortner said...

I call for a truce my friend: