29 April 2008

What If There Was an Assassination Attempt And Nobody Cared

Recently, there was an attempt by the Taliban on President Karzai's life in Kabul. While the scant media devoted to the topic focused on it being a "propaganda victory" for the Taliban, Cannoneer #4 suggests we should be ridiculing our enemy for incompetence. I certainly agree with him and understand that the spread of ideas is an important part of our overall strategy. But do people care about what is going on Afghanistan? A milblogger from Afghanistan suggests that the American people pretty much don't. From Bouhammer:

My feelings are that this year will continue to build on the trend of each year being the worst one since 2001, by progressively having more violence, more brazen attacks and newer enemies to face...I just hope and pray that the American people realize this and step up as a nation to support the military and its people. Your sons and daughters are coming back in way you never imagined and they will all need your help.

It's difficult to highlight success to the American public when no one even gives a shit about the sensationalized bad news (which always receives the most press). I wager some people don't even know there is still a war there.

Registering a 1.4 on America's interest scale (pic from an Australian website)