01 May 2008

Blog with a Political Agenda Decries Media with a Political Agenda

The NY Times ran an article on the Pentagon co-opting retired military analysts to push the administration's message a couple of weeks ago. It's a fair and well-researched article, IMHO, as public affairs from a military-standpoint should be transparent as to avoid any Goebbels-like scenarios stateside. Since the NY Times article ran on 20 April, the Pentagon has shut down the program. But that's not enough for Arianna Huffington. She's on a witch hunt, saying the story hasn't gotten enough attention (I guess front page of the NY Times doesn't cut it for media attention these days):

It was a powerful illustration of the Bush administration's commitment to propaganda and disinformation. But it was also a damning indictment of the mainstream media's complicity in the wholesale deception of the American public on the single most important decision a country can make -- the decision to go to war...So it only stands to reason that a story this explosive would quickly become the subject of extensive follow-ups by TV and print journalists, and endless debate on the political talk shows, right? Wrong.

Ms. Huffington should probably look in the mirror and realize that her blog is the most biased P.O.S. this side of Pyongyang (note: this is despite the fact that HuffPo is billed as a news and blog site that has quickly become one of the most widely-read, linked to, and frequently-cited media brands on the Internet.) . You can see her articles here and they are pretty much the same every damn day. It's either something about McCain being a warmongering nut, something about the media not being as liberal as her ideals thereby making it uncredible or biased, or something about the bad news in Iraq related to BushCheneyHallibrutonCo. Occasionally she'll throw a bone to us vets advocating for a better GI Bill, but rest assured, it's simply a ploy to badmouth the Bush administration. If the Democrats get into office and we're looking for more VA outreach for PTSD, I'm sure she'll accuse us of being a bunch of nutjob Rambos who shouldn't have signed up in the first place. This is why I'll never be a leftist, they are so deadset in their ideology they can't see hypocrisy hit them like a freight train as they pontificate from their ivory tower in the blogosphere.


olgreydog7 said...

Awesome. I think Huff hates everyone that isn't her. I'seen her beat up on Obama and Clinton recently. I think she is getting more militant in her old age. She needs to change her picture on her column to a more recent one as well.

Anonymous said...

My personal belief is that the word "self-righteous" best describes her and her outlook.

(I chose that over evil and just plain nasty sometimes, but, hey, other people can say what they want.)

LT Nixon said...


I hope she's scheduled her botox injections.


where's the avatar?!? Back to anonymity I see. Oh my