17 May 2008

Crazy Lady at HuffPo Calls Obama "Boy"

Erica Jong, still livin' in the 60s...the 1860s

You'd think that we could shelve America's ugly history of racism in time for a 21st century presidential election to discuss the important shit (Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, etc.). But sadly, no. I was willing to ignore that dickhead demagogue Reverend Wright, just because I thought the guy was getting more media attention than he deserved and didn't want to fuel the fire. I was also willing to give a pass on the Kos diary about "Uncle Tom" Obama, because most of the Kossacks called the diarist an asshole. Bu,t this latest P.O.S. from the Huffington Post was not made by some anonymous commenter, rather it was included in today's mailer and penned from the hate-filled mind of Erica Jong:

So here we go again. NARAL loves the new boy on the block -- even if HRC was there at its founding. So does John Edwards. And Ted Kennedy. The fact that Barack has little experience makes him the hot new ingénue, whereas Hillary is old like your mother.The truth is we know about her -- and we know very little about Obama. That alone makes her detractors scream: Get Out! Off the stage with you! Give us that hot new boy! Give us that sepia Brad Pitt! Old women are so over!

I do not operate with any moral authority whatsoever on this blog, as my shameless obsession with 9th-grade humor and unhinged ramblings attest. But, if I was to write a mocking piece on Obama, I would avoid using language that made me look like an extra from the "Birth of a Nation".

Erica Jong is so trapped in her idealistic, "by any means necessary" approach to feminism, that she will cross any line to get a woman in the White House. Erica is also a nut, as evidenced by her belief that Bush knew all about 9/11 before the tragedy happened. Just another 60s radical living in fantasy land who seems to still get attention throughout the media, sigh.

Huffington Post is nothing more than ill-informed political commentary mixed in with boring celebrity gossip that makes me incredibly embarrassed to be from the same country as the authors on this asinine blog. The only selling point is that Greg Gutfeld once had a home there, albeit specifically designed to make fun of all the other liberal hacks who frequented the place. The only reason I get the stupid mailer is because occasionally some vets write there, and, Jon/Brandon/Paul, if you are reading this post, I think it's time to jump ship, bros.