20 May 2008

Do Liberals Hate the Troops

Right Wing News offers up a fine list of douchebag liberals that have spoken ill of "The Troops", but is it fair to say that all liberals disdain the military? As a middle-of-the-road type supporting a gentleman who lives in his car for President, I feel compelled to over up my two-bit impartial analysis. There are some strong criticisms emanating from liberal coffers about the Pentagon being a propaganda monstrosity and the military being inherently misogynist and having a culture of rape towards women, but I've only seen hatred directed specifically at the troops from extreme fringe groups or gaffe-prone politicians. Mainstream pundits will avoid direct criticism of military personnel like the plague as evidenced by the latest Olbermann-Ingraham debacle.

One interesting tidbit is this scientific poll conducted by Mudville Gazette in a port-a-shitter in Iraq about who would you vote for prez. Even though it was last October, the results seem pretty evenly split amongst Democrats and Republicans. My own empirical evidence in the military suggests that things are kind of split politically as well, along with my own observation that the military employs a high number of Mormons for some reason (I never met anyone who hadn't seen a PG-13 movie before I joined the Navy). At this point in history, I don't think all liberals have a genuine disdain for the military, but the possibility for future resentment is definitely there. That's why it's probably best we have politically-minded vets on both sides of the aisle to influence the public.

A subtle but classy way to support the troops if you don't like the Iraq War