26 May 2008

The Great Colorado Sex-Out of 2009

Some bozo grad student in Colorado is proposing a "sex strike" for a period of one day on January 1, 2009 to protest the Iraq war. Apparently giving up nookie for a day is supposed to show "respect" and solidarity for military people. ABC Denver explains (h/t Moonbattery):

After an hour of arguing, Page got approval from the board to begin collecting signatures for the question to appear on the ballot. He will need to collect more than 76,000 signatures. Penk said the idea is a creative way to make a statement. "This is about respect for the families of our military," he told the Web site.

People don't want to turn off American Idol for two seconds to hear about Iraq on the news, so what makes this clown think his fellow citizens are going to give up boning for an entire day. Besides, isn't Jan. 1st when most people are not looking to get laid and are, instead, regretting the obese, hairy monstrosity they woke up next to after the New Year's Eve Party?
Military people can go months and even years without getting any, so this yahoo needs to get off his high horse. As for myself, I took a vow of celibacy when I chose to study engineering in college (the billboard below was really inspirational).