15 May 2008

How Long Before Girl Scout Gets Smeared As a Terrorist

Like McClatchy Watch, this blog gives mad props to 15-year old Jennifer Sharpe of Dearborn for selling a whopping 17,328 boxes of girl scout cookies. Congrats! Unfortunately, Jennifer is from Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit that has a large Arab-American community, and it won't be long before keyboard commandos like Debbie Schlussel start baseless accusations of this poor girl for funneling money made from Peanut Butter Patties to Hezbollah. Schlussel's latest tirade is against the Walmart in "Dearbornistan", which she cleverly dubs "Wal-Mosque". Listen Deb, we all hate the very small percentage of Muslims that are terrorist thugs, but labeling everyone in a hijab a terrorist doesn't make defeating extremism any easier...and it makes you look like an idiot. To help distinguish between friend and foe, I've posted a terrorist and non-terrorist below, see if you can guess which one is which:

Hmm...better search them both just to be safe!