05 May 2008

I Heart Deranged Protester Chicks And Tattooed Armed Women

The nutty culture of Seattle provides carnal desire

I only lived in the Seattle area for 5 months until I got shipped off to Iraq, but I thought it was a pretty excellent place and I'll be heading back there shortly (assuming I don't get blowed up). I've always appreciated the cultural oddities of the Washington city, which is why I'm pleased I found the blog, My Own Side, that takes pictures of those wacky protesters (h/t Malkin). It's kind of like a Zombietime, but for the Seattle area as opposed to the Bay area.

Perhaps I've been a bit too reliant on the midget amputee porn (as TSO noted a few days ago), because for some reason I've found myself with a bizarre infatuation for deranged protester chicks on the internets. Take the girl above for instance. Assuming she is of legal age, I'd like her to berate the shit out of my political views and jump all over me...and I can't rationally say why. Besides crazy protesters, I want to see women with lots of tattoos and guns. That's why I'm making a bee-line for the Whiskey Bar in Belltown when I get back to the WA area. The entire bar is covered with art depicting hot chicks, alcohol, and guns. That and they play Troma movies combined with death metal from time to time. I'm really in no position to have any sort of standards for women in my current status, but I've just been having some odd thoughts lately that I felt would be important to share on this blog. Call me a perv if you must.

Whiskey and Chicks with Guns, Not Gonna Do much better than that


Kath said...

All right, I will if nobody else will (call you a perv). What the heck. But my opinion -- you've just been away too long. Please get home safely and then have lots of "fun", but DON'T tell us about it, please!

Ms. Kiyum said...

But how do you feel about Women with gun racks?

Sisu said...

Come back safe and then hit up all deranged tattoo chick bars we have to offer...just stay away from the Ave. Those chicks may be too scary even for you! Or you could go with The Usual Suspect to Fox's in T-town. Woohoo!

Sisu said...

I just checked out My Own Side, and I didn't know we were such nutjobs. (Why is her immigrant vagina angry? And do the "end northern oppression" people know they have the americas reversed? Oh, maybe they were trying to prove a point.) I'm pretty happy to live my insular life on the peninsula, thanks.

Anonymous said...

but what an awesome perv you are. You consistently crack me up, Lt. In country even in the Green Zone is getting to ya huh? lol

Anonymous said...

Perv? Eh, more like it's time to get out of there. No drooling on the keyboard while gazing at deranged, tattooed chicks!
Cathy B

LT Nixon said...


I live in on the peninsula side as well, but taking the ferry over to the more fun side is a regular occurence in my schedule.

Ms. Kiyum,

Gun racks are cool. mmm, gun racks.

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