13 May 2008

Iraq News (13 May)

The Good: While the security situation in Sadr City remains troubling, the Sahwa council has the adjacent Adhamiya district of Baghdad under control according to this recent Alive in Baghdad release. The Turkish media reports that 11 PKK rebels have been killed in clashes in southern Turkey. PKK terrorists have long used the mountainous northern part of Iraq to launch cross-border attacks into Turkey. Iraqi media reports that 142 thugs have been detained in Mosul from Operation Lion's Roar, but the Prime Minister says the operation has yet to begin. That's rather strange.

The Bad: There was fighting in Sadr City overnight, despite the recent Sadr-backed ceasefire of the Mahdi Army in the Shi'ite district. It puts a question mark into how much control the guy has over his movement. Media will most likely spin this to make the U.S. forces look like the aggressor in some "purge" campaign. In reality, we're just shooting back. Terrorists in Mosul killed 5 Iraqi policemen with an IED.

The Ugly: Former employee of the US embassy in Baghdad, Ret. Judge Brennan, has stated that the State Department has overlooked corruption within the Iraqi government, indirectly killing Americans and Iraqis?!? Holy smokes, talk about some harsh criticism. Of course, I'm more likely to listen to a Foreign Service Officer with more than 25 days of boots on ground. This author for the Houston Chronicle says the best way to alleviate that guilt about the Iraq war is to "vote Democrat". Not think about future foreign policy or the best way forward, just "Vote Democrat" so you can alleviate that guilt...what an asshole.

Broken Glass, Broken Dreams (from AFP)