07 May 2008

Iraq News (7 May)

The Good: 18 militia fighters have been killed in more Sadr City fighting, and Iraqi Security Forces have raided a hospital that was treating militia combatants. This resulted in the arrest of 42 Iraqi Police and 35 hospital workers. The Iraqi presidency council has stressed for militia fighters to turn in their weapons per the Political Council for National Security plan which was developed last month as a way to end the humanitarian suffering in Sadr City. And a strange article about golfing in the Green Zone. I'm sure this won't stir up resentment from front-line soldiers about their REMF counterparts (note: LT Nixon hates golf)...

The Bad: More outstanding reporting from Tina Susman of the LA Times. This article is about the fine line US forces and the Iraqi government have to walk to ensure that the Sadrist political movement isn't disenfranchised, but combat operations against the militia can take place. Right now, the heavy fighting in Sadr City is causing people to flee the district as mortars and rockets rain down elsewhere in Baghdad. Many people think that Sadr and his followers are a small pariah and fanatical group like Al-Qaeda, but that is simply not the case. 3 night ladies have been killed by Al-Qaeda thugs in Mosul.

The Ugly: Newly released excerpts from Saddam's time in detention says he was paranoid about catching VD or "young people's diseases" from the US prison guards. I once watched a documentary about Saddam called "Uncle Saddam" and the guy was a paranoid kook about cleanliness that would give Howard Hughes a run for his money. As for the VD thing, I wish I could offer my advice to deceased dictator that he should only be worried about VD if the guards were in the Navy (zing!).

Not just a tyrant, but a paranoid crank too