24 May 2008

The Libertarian Party, Not Just For Weirdos Anymore

I'm not sure if it was the whole rEVOLution thing, or just the fact that both the Democrats and Republicans equally suck, but the Libertarian Party appears to be getting some real attention this election cycle, especially Bob Barr. Lucky for me, I have someone near and dear to me at the Libertarian Convention in Denver, my mother (I'm actually serious about this). Best to ask her some questions to feed the blog machine and clear up some confusion. Dave Weigel at Reason has some good coverage here and here as well.


Question #1: Mom, what are the candidates stances on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do they have far-reaching plans for military intervention on Iran, or would diplomacy be a better option?

Question #2: Bob Barr got zinged by National Review today (h/t Eric Dondero) saying that a vote for Barr is essentially a vote for Obama? How does the LP respond to these nay-sayers in the conservative movement?

Question #3: Mom, David Weigel writes at Reason that there is a group called the "Libertarians For Justice" at the convention that appears to be a creepy 9/11 truther organization. The website talks a lot about Building 7 and "bringing the terrorists to justice". By the "terrorists" I assume they mean the government, which your son works for. How do you propose to distance the more moderate factions of the party from these yahoos?

Question #4: Did you ride in on the guy on the left's hog (he is a delegate, after all)?

(Stolen from Reason)

Does Dad know about this gentleman?

Question #5: Wonkette reports that Tucker Carlson has shown up to the convention. The snarky website also called him a loser. What's the story with that guy?

Question #6: Which group of delegates throw the most wild parties in the hotel?

Your Bestest Son,
LT Nixon