01 May 2008

Mission Accomplished +5!

5 years ago, Bush landed on the carrier USS Lincoln to give the infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech about Iraq. Ironically, the USS Lincoln (CVN 72) is now back in the Persian Gulf conducting operations as a diplomatic lever against Iran, in which tensions have increased due to our presence in Iraq. A lot can be said about the boldly ignorant proclamation of "Mission Accomplished" when the war still goes on in Iraq 5 years later. Conventional wisdom views it as an incredibly arrogant, chest-pounding statement, since the Bush administration had bunk intelligence on WMD, little to no plans to deal with the insurgency of Iraq, and plans for reconstruction under Paul Bremer were horrendous. I tend to view the 2003 occasion the same way, but I support the implementation of COIN and hope for an expeditious stabilization of Iraq (what else can I do...we are already in this war).

However, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino views "Mission Accomplished" as just another way to hurt the neo-con PR machine. Ever self-centered, she is only focused on ramifications in American media and how it might make her boss look bad. This cuts to the heart of the problem of this administration: they are in charge of the biggest military ever and only wish to utilize it for their own narrow, short-sighted agenda. May we never elect people like this again...


Bag Blog said...

I'm sure glad that Congress and all of their info machines had nothing to do with any decisions made in the last 5 years. Big Bad Bush has just been too powerful for those bunch of weenies.

Anonymous said...

"biggest military ever and only wish to utilize it for their own narrow short-sighted agenda" -- what do you think Hillary would do if she were president? You know, the same Hillary that would wipe Iran off the face of the earth, that Hillary.


Anonymous said...

We have a history of electing people who use the military for their own agendas...I don't think we're going to be offered a choice that wouldn't anytime in the near future. Not with the way American politics work these days. Can you honestly tell us that you don't think Clinton, McCain and Obama (in alphabetical order for fairness) wouldn't use the military for their own agendas? They won't all be the same agenda, but they will be there and the hints of what the agendas will be from some of the candidates really do scare me.

Anonymous said...

Vote Libertarian. Please. We can't take much more of politics as usual.

olgreydog7 said...

Did you find this before or after I sent it to you?

olgreydog7 said...

Did you find this before or after I sent it to you?

Mezzo SF said...

I regret not having pictures of this - but we just had a parade go by about 30 minutes ago in "commemoration"...ha...of said "Mission Accomplished" event.

There were people (including the 12Galaxies guy!) protesting almost anything that could be protested, but mostly OIF. Even a jazz band was out playing "WAR (what is it good for?)" marching down the street.

I'm with ABWF on this one. It doesn't matter who the next CinC is. . . there will always be an agenda and there will always be people for and against said agenda. It's what makes America American...ha...and why our political system (doesn't) work these days. :P

Something's got to give, that is for certain. But I'm not sure that this is the year, nor the candidates, for that to happen.

LT Nixon said...

Bag Blog,

I'm no fan of congress either...perhaps that explains their terrible polls.


Haha, let's not change the subject here, this post is about Bush.


Sorry I'm just badmouthing the people in office, not those who might be.


I probably will, but not Ron Paul, that dude is too creepy.


Sent me? I'm confused.


Anything the 12 galaxies supports, I'm probably gonna support as well. That dude knows everything!

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice to only badmouth the people currently in office and not those who might be :) At least mezzo_sf agrees with me!

Could one of you do me a favor and explain who/what the 12 Galaxies guy is? Is he known outside of SF?

Mezzo SF said...

AWBF: The 12 Galaxies guy is this guy named Frank Chu in SF who is at EVERY city event. Every parade, every rally, protest, party, festival...I mean I don't know if he's known much outside of SF or not. But, well, here, check out his wiki entry: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Chu

You can't live here without seeing him on a regular basis.

Mezzo SF said...

woops - I meant "abwf"

Anonymous said...

No worries on the letters Mezzo_sf. It's not my real name anyway. Thanks for the explanation on the 12 Galaxies guy too!