06 May 2008

Old Glory Takes A Beating

Pictures of Bill Ayers, some 1960s douchebag that needs to go retire quietly to the organic old-folks commune, have been running around the conservative blogosphere of him trampling the flag back in '01 (wow, how bohemian of him). A Brazilian art project smugly portrays America as a bunch of ignorant rubes by using the flag to explain demographics (h/t Croooks and Liars). And now, Obama's office in Indiana has been vandalized and a flag has been ripped off. From Raw Story:

“We’re just getting these pictures in to us at MSNBC. What you’re looking at is a Barack Obama campaign office in Vincent, Indiana — it’s been vandalized around 2:00 am in the morning. A store front shattered and American flag stolen.”

What the shit. I don't like Obama either, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go steal the guy's flag or terrorize the guy's campaign staffs. Plus, the flag represents America, not just one politically minded segment of the population, so trampling, ridiculing, badmouthing the flag symbolizes a slap in the face to America. I can only hope that the perpetrators turned the pilfered flag into some kickass pants like the ones shown below.

Guaranteed to make the ladies go wild